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The Age of Tech Is Over - The Atlantic
In the past decade of tech, it was scarcely an exaggeration to say that every tech company is a media company. Perhaps in the next decade, the rule will be: Every tech company is a mall.
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january 2019 by petej
John Lanchester · Short Cuts · LRB 20 October 2016
Let’s not pretend there is no gendered component to this. There was an unmistakable element of ‘Gotcha!’ in the story written by the journalist Claudio Gatti. It’s as if pseudonymity and privacy on the part of a prominent, successful woman writer were somehow an affront to cultural norms. This at a time when anonymity and pseudonymity have never been more pervasive and more toxic and more dominated by misogyny. That, in fact, is what anonymity, that idea so tempting to so many writers, has become in contemporary society: a tool for empowering and magnifying misogyny. Tens of thousands of men using anonymity to berate, abuse and threaten women online? A daily reality. We as a culture are fine with it. A woman writer using pseudonymity for creative reasons? Put an end to that right now. Who does she think she is?
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november 2016 by petej
New Statesman | Britpop: an insider’s tale of music’s last great gold rush
"The hippies of the Sixties swapped tie-and-dye and four-skin joints for velvet suits and gold coke spoons and ran CBS and Warner Brothers in the Seventies. The punk rockers of the Seventies wore Yohji Yamamoto suits and turned rebellion into money as they presided over the cold stream of synthetic pop music that we indie kids waged war against in the Eighties. And in our turn, in the Nineties, we untucked our Ralph Lauren shirts and talked about “having it” and “larging it” and we thought Audioweb not altogether a bad thing, and we dumbed it down and watched the cash pour in."
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april 2014 by petej
Open Government Partnership should foster accountability and social justice | Jonathan Gray | Global development |
"In other words, the researchers argued, open government advocates risk conflating technological and political openness, as though the accessibility and usability of information, software, standards, and the digital architecture of government were no different to the openness of official institutions and processes.

Governments are often more comfortable highlighting plans to "go digital", or to enable new businesses by opening up official data, but transparency advocates should not be distracted from their mission to enable citizens to hold power to account.

Perhaps the issue is partly that open government is increasingly considered a tool for transforming inputs into the desired outputs, without regard for who is using it and why.

Cameron's government, for example, has cannily steered the domestic transparency agenda to support its politics of austerity, encouraging citizens to "join the hunt for government savings" and "root out waste" – perhaps not a priority for local citizen groups fighting to protect frontline public services.

Surely what matters is not openness per se, but how this openness is used to improve the lives of citizens by reducing inequality and poverty, tackling corruption and injustice, increasing access to education and healthcare, mitigating the effects of climate change, and so on."
opendata  openness  government  accountability  transparency  policy  business  commerce  austerity  politics  CameronDavid 
november 2013 by petej
Information Consumerism: The Price of Hypocrisy - Überwachung - FAZ
"Forget laws: it’s only through political activism and a robust intellectual critique of the very ideology of “information consumerism” that underpins such aspirations that we would be able to avert the inevitable disaster."
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august 2013 by petej
Almost half of the world's food thrown away, report finds | Environment |
half of all the food produced in the world – equivalent to 2bn tonnes – ends up as waste
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january 2013 by petej
BBC NEWS | Business | 'Too few supermarkets' probe says
"the watchdog has decided that too many people do not have enough supermarkets near them to choose between." And if my choice is not to use them at all? Yet more evidence that the UK is a screwed-up place to live.
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october 2007 by petej

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