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BBC News - La Dolce Vita star Anita Ekberg dies
"According to several reports, the actress was almost penniless at the time of her death."
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january 2015 by petej
We wish Nadia and Masha well – but they're no longer part of Pussy Riot | Pussy Riot | Comment is free |
"All this is an extreme contradiction of the very principles of the Pussy Riot collective: we are an all-female separatist collective – no man can represent us either on a poster or in reality. We are anti-capitalist – we charge no fees for people to view our artwork, all our videos are distributed freely on the web, the spectators at our performances are spontaneous passersby, and we never sell tickets to our "shows".

Our performances are always illegal, staged only in unpredictable locations and public places not designed for traditional entertainment. The distribution of our clips is always through free and unrestricted media channels.

We are anonymous because we act against any personality cult, against hierarchies implied by appearance, age and other visible social attributes. We cover our heads because we oppose the very idea of using female faces as a trademark for promoting any sort of goods or services.

The mixing of the rebel feminist punk image with the image of institutionalised defenders of prisoners' rights is harmful to us as a collective, and harmful to the new role that Nadia and Masha have taken on.

Hear them finally!

Since Nadia and Masha have chosen not to be with us, please, respect their choice. Remember, we are no longer Nadia and Masha. They are no longer Pussy Riot.

The campaign "free Pussy Riot" is over. We, as an art collective, have an ethical right to preserve our art practice, our name and our visual identity, distinct from other organisations."
PussyRiot  protest  art  media  celebrity  Russia  politics  prison  collective  activism  PutinVladimir 
february 2014 by petej
The lost generation: The kids brought up to feel as if they're failing - from school to TV shows like The Apprentice and The X Factor - Features - Health & Families - The Independent
"Never has that strong sense of self been more necessary for professional survival. The model of business success presented through the media is both ugly and unrealistic. It starts with a group of unpleasant young people on The Apprentice trying to do each other down and curry favour with the sour-faced business guru Alan Sugar. It continues with people trying to set up their own businesses being humiliated on Dragons' Den. It ends, by a miraculous process that no one will be able to explain, in the annual wet dream of financial triumph that is the Sunday Times Rich List."
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november 2013 by petej
Media Lens - Launchpad For A Revolution? Russell Brand, The BBC And Elite Power
"It is understandable that there was much praise for Russell Brand's Newsnight interview and New Statesman essay. To a large extent, this signifies the desperation of people to hear any challenge to the power-protecting propaganda that we are force-fed every day. But two crucial factors here are that Brand was selected to appear by media gatekeepers; and that media institutions, notably the BBC, escaped serious scrutiny. If Brand was a serious threat to the broadcaster's projected image as a beacon of impartiality, he would not have been chosen."
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october 2013 by petej
White Wigs, Black Masks: On Surveillance Pop | The Nation
"It is a relentlessly sensible response. It is remarkable, in fact, that it is not far more prevalent, that we are not every day surrounded by growing armies of anti-Andys wheeling like swallows through the twilight of empire. Remarkable, that is, if we are to believe in the human urge toward escaping the mesh, eluding the compulsion to be a complicit and productive citizen. You know, that thing about which movies are made."
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june 2013 by petej
The Amanda Palmer Problem -- Vulture
"And that, really, is why I address this, because I think there’s a lesson to be learned from Palmer, and it’s not the falling-into-the-crowd lesson she offers. Yes, she’s correct: The web offers an opportunity to fall into the open arms of fans, in ways that weren’t available before. Here’s the catch: The web also makes it near-impossible to fall into the arms of just one’s fans. Each time you dive into the crowd, some portion of the audience before you consists of observers with no interest in catching you. And you are still asking them to, because another thing the web has done is erode the ability to put something into the world that is directed only at interested parties. Its content isn’t like a newsletter mailed discreetly to private homes; it’s like a magazine on a newsstand, asking to be purchased. Telling the world all about your life can look generous to fans and like a barrage of narcissism to everyone else. Those who used certain mobile devices to visit Palmer’s blog with the intention of mocking her poem were greeted with a pop-up asking if they’d be interested in downloading the official Amanda Palmer app. This is a way of using technology to reach out to and engage interested fans, yes, but it’s also indistinguishable from the intrusive begging of any corporation — say, if I went to the Hardee's website to marvel at the number of calories in their food and was greeted with requests to sign up for a customer loyalty program. In recent months, Kickstarter’s been used to crowd-source funding for a Veronica Mars movie (i.e., a corporate endeavor, using grassroots methods to mitigate economic risk); it’s currently being used by well-known actor Zach Braff to fund an independent project, sparking predictable disdain from people who dislike Braff and wouldn’t see his film no matter how it was funded. They might feel like he’s asking them to pitch in anyway, and the truth is that he is: It’s damnably difficult to carve a private audience out of the open web, and the artist reaching out to fans is, ultimately, not necessarily any different from a commercial entity reaching out for sales, market share, and the kind of customer engagement that nets Applebee’s enthusiasts the occasional free appetizer coupon. It just depends on if you like Applebee’s or not. It’s amazing how many of the decisions Palmer makes wind up exposing precisely that disconnect, between the way things look to the interested and the way they look to everyone else."
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may 2013 by petej
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