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Tim Harford — Article — Why a house-price bubble means trouble
"It would be nice to report that buyers and sellers are paragons of rationality, and the housing market itself a well-oiled machine that makes a sterling contribution to the working of the broader economy. None of that is true. House buyers are delusional, the housing market is broken and a housing boom is the economic equivalent of a tapeworm infection."

"Back then, paying off your mortgage was a sprint: a few years during which prices and wages were increasing in double digits, while you struggled with mortgage rates of 10 per cent and more. After five years of that, inflation had eroded the value of the debt and mortgage repayments shrank dramatically in real terms.

Today, a mortgage is a marathon. Interest rates are low, so repayments seem affordable. Yet with inflation low and wages stagnant, they’ll never become more affordable. Low inflation means that a 30-year mortgage really is a 30-year mortgage rather than five years of hell followed by an extended payment holiday."
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april 2015 by petej
My wish for 2015: a machine to judge political claims against reality | Comment is free | The Guardian
"The third thing I would simulate is a massive programme of social housebuilding in Britain. Everybody talks about this but nobody does it: our current system is geared to building high-rise apartments for the Russian mafia and rich footballers to speculate on. I have a hunch that, if you built 200,000 publicly owned dwellings a year, as we did in the mid-1950s, it would permanently burst the UK property mania. It would force British consumers to stop expecting asset price bubbles and – with cheap rents – free up a bigger chunk of wages to be spent on something productive."
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january 2015 by petej
Why big data evangelists should be sent to re-education camps | ZDNet
"There's now an intense scrutiny of the actions and habits of employees and potential employees, in the hope that statistical analysis will reveal those who have desired workplace traits"
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september 2014 by petej
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