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Review of ‘Inventing the Future’ | Compass
"This all begs a big question. The left, in the form of Labour does well when it owns the future: 1945, 1964 and even elements of 1997. But can Labour own the next future? Given this analysis we must have our doubts. The very name of the party is a clue. A party that is founded on the dignity of labour is going to struggle to find a voice in an age where work becomes residualised. Indeed, the crisis of social democracy the world over is in part down to the shift from a world based on production to a world based on consumption. Another revolution is taking us beyond post-Fordism to the networked society. What is a party called Labour to do when the left project is to repurpose technology to eradicate jobs, not fetishise them?"
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february 2016 by petej
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