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Here's Why the Green Party's 'Citizen's Income' Could Make You Even Poorer | VICE | United Kingdom
To create a Citizen's Income that didn't screw over the poorest citizens, politicians would need to be bold enough to set it at a rate high enough to lift people out of poverty wherever they live, bolster labour rights and not allow it to become an excuse to get rid of measures that protect society's most vulnerable.
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Categorising the poor
"It is time to abandon the failed ideas of the past once and for all. Ignore the work-shy: they are not worthy of the time and resources we spend on them. Instead, we should concentrate our attention on helping - not compelling - those who genuinely want to work to find useful, fulfilling and well-paid jobs. Enabling people to make the best use of their skills and talents is far and away the best way of creating a productive, vibrant economy. 

We should also stop trying to decide whether someone “deserves” social support. We have been trying to distinguish between the “deserving” and “undeserving” poor for over five hundred years, and we are no better able to make that judgement now than we were in the fourteenth century, or the sixteenth, or the nineteenth. We inevitably end up denying support to those who desperately need it. 

Let us give up this fruitless attempt to judge people's motives. Simply provide everyone with a basic income so that they can afford to live, then let them get on with whatever they want to do."
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The People’s Republic of Zuckerstan | John Summers | The Baffler
"Taking a stand for Swartz would have dragged MIT down from its rising position in the Innovation Economy’s fable of classless utopia. Advocating leniency for this particular rule-breaking entrepreneur would have mired the school in the murky world of conflicting interests. How much safer to do nothing.

What does the Innovation Economy require of MIT? To be a global pacesetter in entrepreneurship? Check. A local real-estate kingpin? Check. An institution that’s prepared to discuss what philanthropy is really for, how cultural power masquerades as “economic development,” or why Aaron Swartz was prosecuted? No, not really."
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