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How Brexit Will End | The New Yorker
Brexit is an uncanny political process because it is an inversion of the way that things were supposed to go. The world was becoming only more connected; money and people flowed. Europe was leading the experiment. And then a population said no. In 2016, Remainers tended to make economic arguments for staying in the E.U., while Leavers spoke about sovereignty and the health of the nation. In truth, it was a matter of instinct for both sides: were you prepared to go on sharing your agency with international forces of unimaginable scale, or did you believe that an old country could somehow reassert itself and claw out its own domain? The question was more philosophical than real. Being a member of the E.U. cost less than two per cent of Britain’s national budget. Most of us did not care. But, once the question was asked, it became fundamental, and the prelude to every future question. Choosing Brexit meant that we would diverge. We would diverge from Europe, and we would diverge from one another.
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Boris Johnson 'on brink of Brexit deal' after border concessions | Politics | The Guardian
Under the deal being negotiated, Northern Ireland would not be part of the EU’s customs territory, but the bloc’s full customs code would have to be enforced in the Irish Sea. “Northern Ireland would de jure be in the UK’s customs territory but de facto in the European Union’s,” an EU source said.
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The Irish border is a matter of life and death, not technology | Fintan O’Toole | Opinion | The Guardian
Two particular ironies attach to Johnson’s privileging of a technocratic discourse over real human experience. One is that the Brexit project is in every other respect famously contemptuous of “geeks”. The British people, in Michael Gove’s analysis, “have had enough of experts”. But the Irish, apparently, are expected to place all their trust in the experts, nerds and boffins who will come up with magical technologies to create what does not yet exist anywhere on Earth: a frontier between two different customs regimes across which goods move with no controls and no physical infrastructure.

The other irony is that Brexit itself is predicated on the idea that a technocratic discourse is entirely inadequate to the task of understanding how people feel about who they are and where they belong. Its bogeymen are faceless bureaucrats in Brussels who can never appreciate the importance of identity and history to the English. Yet the Irish are invited by the very same people to forget history and identity, to just lie back and think of “maximum facilitation”.
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EU diplomats I speak to view the no10 readout of the conversation between the PM and Angela Merkel as "Boris-on-the-campaign-trail" /1
EU diplomats say there's no meeting in middle over PMs Brexit proposals. They say his offer would either result in customs infrastructure on the island of Ireland which is unacceptable to Dublin OR in EU having a non-controlled customs border which .../4

Which Brussels says would a) lead to smuggling and b) contravene WTO regulations. "If that customs were left open as UK pretty much asks then I would quit my job and start a smuggling enterprise," said an high level EU diplomat this morning /5
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Will EU compromise after receiving UK Brexit proposals? - BBC News
No-one I speak to on the EU side thinks a new Brexit deal can be done in time for the leaders' summit in mid-October. Few think it possible even by the end of the month.

Ultimately the EU doesn't buy the prime minister's line that it's either this deal or no deal.

Brussels believes another extension is the most likely new chapter in the ongoing Brexit process.
UK  EU  Brexit  negotiations  backstop  borders  customs  Ireland  NorthernIreland  regulatoryAlignment  compromise  GoodFridayAgreement  DUP  withdrawalAgreement  Article50  extension  politics  alternativeArrangements 
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How the Long, Slow Death of Neoliberalism Sent the Conservative Party Into Crisis | Novara Media
Despite the ambitions of a man who once wished to be “world king”, sheer force of vision and will has not been enough to broker a deal in parliament, let alone forcibly break and reforge the country as Thatcher did. And in the long term, it’s not clear how Johnson and Cummings plan to maintain that mythically renewed mandate and its nationalist fervour in light of a no-deal Brexit recession. Perhaps a further nightmarish turn to authoritarianism, or slinking off into the opposition benches to lick their wounds and regroup. Perhaps a split. Perhaps an annihilation at the polls. We will see in the coming months whether it is possible for the Conservatives to renew themselves – as an electoral force, as the people in charge of a newly brutal economic ‘common sense’. Or if they will continue to nurture the managed decline of their own world order before socialism or barbarism sweeps them away.
UK  politics  ToryParty  Brexit  noDeal  JohnsonBoris  deselection  withdrawalAgreement  backstop  economy  growth  investment  wages  stagnation  inequality  neoliberalism  state  Thatcherism  debt  crash  homeOwnership  prices  deregulation  finance  Singapore  ERG  dctagged  dc:creator=PennyEleanor 
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Boris Johnson's letter to the EU is a wind-up. It unilaterally reneges on a joint report signed by UK negotiators in December 2017 saying the UK would align with the single market "in the absence of agreed solutions". He has no mandate for this...
Boris Johnson's letter to the EU is a wind-up. It unilaterally reneges on a joint report signed by UK negotiators in December 2017 saying the UK would align with the single market "in the absence of agreed solutions". He has no mandate for this...
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The UK faces a nation-defining battle that will split the Tory party | Martin Kettle | Opinion | The Guardian
First, the hit to the economy from no deal will be both immediate and enduring. Second, no deal risks hastening the break-up of the United Kingdom. Third, voters were not offered no deal in 2016 and did not vote for it. Fourth, Johnson’s demand to scrap the Irish backstop is a wrecking tactic designed to hasten a no-deal outcome. Finally, a sovereign parliament can, should and will stop no deal.
UK  Brexit  politics  noDeal  JohnsonBoris  HammondPhilip  negotiations  backstop  ToryParty  publicSpending  NHS  police  infrastructure  dctagged  dc:creator=KettleMartin 
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The backstop: a gentle reminder It is a default, an insurance against there being no future UK/EU relationship agreement in place Any anxiety about the backstop from Brexit supporters is a frank admission that they do not have confidence that there will b
The backstop: a gentle reminder

It is a default, an insurance against there being no future UK/EU relationship agreement in place

Any anxiety about the backstop from Brexit supporters is a frank admission that they do not have confidence that there will be such an agreement
UK  EU  Brexit  backstop  trade  politics 
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