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We've deleted a tweet linking to a story on learning analytics. We misused a word that has created misinformation. We're really sorry about that. We have a code of practice for ensuring learning analytics is carried out responsibly and appropriately
We've deleted a tweet linking to a story on learning analytics. We misused a word that has created misinformation. We're really sorry about that. We have a code of practice for ensuring learning analytics is carried out responsibly and appropriately
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june 2019 by petej
The digital hippies want to integrate life and work – but not in a good way | Opinion | The Guardian
Buoyed by new cash, WeWork is expanding in many directions. It has launched living spaces, where members can rent flats above their workplace. It has launched a wellness centre. It has acquired a coding school, where its future members might learn to code. It has announced an elementary school that will treat students as “natural entrepreneurs”, thus allowing their busy parents to see more of their kids – at work.
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december 2017 by petej
The Brutal Fight to Mine Your Data and Sell It to Your Boss - Bloomberg
If that argument is only somewhat reassuring, HiQ’s argument is effectively that we’re on our own, and that this is the price we pay for today’s internet. “There’s probably lots and lots of applications that might make someone feel a little queasy, right?” Gupta told Judge Chen. “But the thing is, we can’t sit here today and police every possible business model that some entrepreneur in Silicon Valley might come up with. It’s public information. It’s the marketplace of ideas. It’s the engine of our country’s growth.”
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november 2017 by petej
Systems of measurement have a productive power in our lives | British Politics and Policy at LSE
"Metrics already perform a powerful productive role in the social world; they vindicate and limit, they cajole and incentivise, they legitimate and justify. When we reflect on how metrics are frequently used to manage performance, to facilitate competition, to judge us or to compare what we do with others, it is crucial that we see metrics as being central to the power dynamics of the age in which we live."
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april 2016 by petej
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