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When Malls Saved the Suburbs From Despair - The Atlantic
And yet, the concept is not all that different from Victor Gruen’s original vision for the shopping mall. A place to gather, a place to shop, a place to relax, a place to live. The mall was and remains horrible in some ways, but useful and even magical in others. It yoked people to commerce, but it also gave them tools with which to manage that harness, to loosen it enough to live somewhat peacefully, even while collared to capitalism.

I can’t help but think that Americans’ days of hating the mall are numbered. When it gets replaced by Apple Town Squares, Walmart Supercenters, and the online-offline slurry of an ever-rising Amazon, we will miss these zoos of capitalism, these prisons of commerce, where consumerism roared and swelled but, inevitably, remained contained.
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The Sharing Economy Isn’t About Sharing at All - HBR
"When “sharing” is market-mediated — when a company is an intermediary between consumers who don’t know each other — it is no longer sharing at all. Rather, consumers are paying to access someone else’s goods or services for a particular period of time. It is an economic exchange, and consumers are after utilitarian, rather than social, value."
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ADA2013 Session 4: Dr. Tim Sherratt - YouTube
"What do we really mean by the word 'access'?"

"Access can never simply be given. On some level it has to be taken. Access to me is not an act of gratitude, or compliance, or consumption, but of resistance."
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