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This white paper doesn’t ‘change the debate’ It treats migrants as things | Maya Goodfellow | Opinion | The Guardian
Migrants, a label largely reserved for people racialised as “other”, are marked out as unwanted or constructed as threats to the nation, jobs or public service. Politicians believe that if they claim these lies as truths and then take the “right” action (which usually amounts to fewer rights for people coming into the country), they will deliver what people want – as if they haven’t said that a million times over, and as if for decades there haven’t been successive, often racist, immigration acts to address peoples’ “legitimate concerns”. They do the same thing over and over again and they expect different results. In the meantime peoples’ lives are ruined.

The long-term political fallout from Windrush was never going to be a fitting response to the size of the issue politicians have helped create with their consistent demonisation and scapegoating of migrants. Amber Rudd, who resigned as home secretary over her mishandling of the fallout from Windrush, has floated back into the cabinet – that should serve as a reminder that beyond bad headlines, there was no real accountability for what happened.

It’s not that “nothing has changed” since Windrush; it’s that not enough has. Immigration is not, and has never been, a problem; the real issue is that people were told it was, and that there’s very little sign of that changing any time soon.
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The challengers (and challenges) in higher education market reform - Wonkhe
But the new Conservative government is keen to launch on paths of further transformation, impatient at having been held in check for five-years by the Liberal Democrats. Thus we have Success as a Knowledge Economy: Teaching Excellence, Social Mobility and Student Choice an impatient but confusing document which bristles with resentment towards an established university sector apparently not biddable enough to develop the kind of flexible, diverse provision it wants to see (and here we mean accelerated two-year degrees and degree apprenticeships, not part-time options, of course).
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