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FCJ-096 The Digital Given: 10 Web 2.0 Theses | The Fibreculture Journal : 14
"Soon the Web 2.0 business model will be obsolete. It is based on the endless growth principle, pushed by the endless growth of consumerism. "
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november 2010 by petej
apophenia: spectacle at Web2.0 Expo... from my perspective
Deeply depressing, but as so many (blokes) seem to prize "real-time" "zing" over listening or reflection, not entirely surprising either, sadly
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november 2009 by petej
What Bruce Sterling Actually Said About Web 2.0 at Webstock 09 | Beyond the Beyond from
"After a while you have to wonder if it's worth it -- the money model, I mean. Is finance worth the cost of being involved with the finance?"
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march 2009 by petej
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