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Exclusive: Nigel Farage reveals Donald Trump's team has 'reservations' about Theresa May's Government
Important things to discuss with Trump:

1. putting a bust of Winston Churchill in the office

You really couldn't make this shit up
TrumpDonald  FarageNigel  USA  UK  politics  diplomacy  MayTheresa  FoxLiam  WTF 
november 2016 by petej
Bathcamp 43, 5th February 2014 | Lanyrd
26 known attendees, 8 people tracking.

34 men, 0 women.
Bathcamp  InternetOfThings  event  Bath  wtf  lanyrd 
february 2014 by petej
BBC News - Readers' tales of extreme commuting
Just waiting for Osborne to hold these up as examples of the sort of "striving" that is expected of us all
work  labour  jobs  travel  commuting  wtf 
january 2014 by petej
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