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This is an incredibly irresponsible way to conduct yourself now, even if it’s what you’ve been up to for years.
This is an incredibly irresponsible way to conduct yourself now, even if it’s what you’ve been up to for years.
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december 2018 by petej
Our very British fake news industry | Richard Seymour on Patreon
Increasingly, with the rise of the platforms, this old school smear machine is losing ground. It is a product of Cold War era print monopolies and the relationships with states and para-state operators developed in that time. This isn't the basis for triumphalism. As the story of dark money, Cambridge Analytica, Breitbart, and the role of sock puppets and trolls involved in online propaganda demonstrates, a new rightist machinery is gradually emerging. It is less powerful for now, but also nastier and less restrained. And since it may be losing a wider cultural battle over the long term, it is apt to become rather desperate.

Still, we are where we are. These smears might have worked once. They might have finished off political careers. Now the only careers that look weaker as a result are on the front-bench. In other words, the moral panic about 'fake news' has come at a time of unique crisis -- of both profitability and authority -- for the fake news industry. That's what the discourse is concealing.
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february 2018 by petej
Rupert Murdoch tape reveals Sun journalists' collective sense of betrayal | Media | The Guardian
""We were betrayed in every way possible by the company," said a third Sun journalist who, like the others, was wary of Murdoch's so-called empathy.

"All along," he said, "the priorities were to protect, No1 – News Corp, No2 – the family. Everything after that didn't count, and that includes the Sun.""
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july 2013 by petej
Why Rupert Murdoch tape was leaked - tearful journalists were angry | Media |
"As for Murdoch, he could be under no illusion about the underlying hostility from staff who felt they were paying the price for doing what was expected of them.

One told me: "We did as we were bid. No-one thought they were doing wrong. There was no training of any kind. No office lawyer raised any question." That genuine feeling of being hung out to dry is shared by almost every one of the arrested journalists."
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july 2013 by petej
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