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Tony Blair: hanging bankers won't help - Telegraph
“Don’t take 30 years of liberalisation, beginning under Mrs Thatcher, and say this is what caused the financial crisis.”
politics  UK  BlairTony  Thatcher  Thatcherism  neoliberalism  finance  crisis  Telegraph 
july 2012 by petej
Austerity can renew Britain - Telegraph
You couldn't make this crap up, you really couldn't
austerity  cuts  politics  economics  Telegraph  conservatism 
june 2012 by petej
David Miliband: the sniping and self-pity of a truly feeble man - Telegraph
"In short, by all means let this snivelling poltroon of a fallen princeling stuff his pockets to his heart’s content, while popping along to the House of Commons every once in a while to sob into his nosegay over a crashing sense of entitlement denied. But, Lord above, let him be guided by the example of the Duke of Windsor through his long years of exile, and do it quietly."
politics  UK  LabourParty  MilibandDavid  MilibandEd  Telegraph 
february 2012 by petej
Swearing at police is not a crime, judge rules - Telegraph
“The courts do not accept that police officers are caused harassment, alarm or distress by words such as ----, ----, -------, or ------.”
legal  swearing  police  publicOrder  Telegraph 
november 2011 by petej
A tax-based alternative to the Alternative Vote – Telegraph Blogs
The rabid right-wing loons are amusing sometimes, though maybe not for the reasons they think they are
tax  voting  representation  Telegraph  humour  creditCrunch 
may 2011 by petej
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