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Yanis Varoufakis’s European Dreams
To me what is now essential is for Britain — and this is possibly something Jeremy and I don’t agree on — to maintain freedom of movement. The Left should always fight to keep borders away and not to create new borders among people. So, for me a “Norway plus” solution would be ideal for Britain and even if that doesn’t happen, our New Deal for Europe, proposed by DieM 25, details how even after a hard Brexit [the UK breaking from all EU-related structures] British institutions and European institutions could coordinate in such a way as to simulate a European Union in which Britain is an integral and progressive part.
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Three days that saved the euro | Ian Traynor | World news | The Guardian
In the end, Tsipras had capitulated to a script written in Berlin – reneging on his election pledges and splitting his own party, which did not prevent him from winning the snap election he called in September. But the bigger question may be what the chastening experience of that tense weekend did to Germany and Europe. Schäuble’s bid to banish Greece from the eurozone had not succeeded, but it had resurrected the spectre of German bullying – the outcome of the summit, Munich’s Süddeutsche Zeitung wrote, amounted to a demonstration of German power at the expense of German leadership.

Merkel had listened to Schäuble, opted not to stop him, and then in the end, overruled him – perhaps less for the sake of saving Greece and the euro and more to avoid being blamed for the unforeseeable consequences. When it was all over on Monday morning, her reflections on the deal were typically pragmatic: “The advantages,” she reasoned, “outweigh the disadvantages.”
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