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The Leviathan of Silicon Valley
"There are hundreds of startups in Berlin — some of them are nonprofit groups — that are trying to fight surveillance with cool apps. To me, fighting what I perceive to be the cutting edge of neoliberal capitalism with an app is probably as stupid as fighting the European Central Bank and austerity measures with an app; it requires a very different approach. It requires a political campaign, it requires a political force on the ground, it requires social movements and proper analytical and economic analysis of the forces that have produced the problem that you’re trying to solve — in this case the problem of privacy.

Unfortunately, we in Europe, for the most part, have been completely caught up in this simplistic mindset, whereby we either opt for new legal solutions, or we encourage entrepreneurs to build apps that will deliver privacy."
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january 2016 by petej
Should Google serve the state – or serve its customers? | John Naughton | Comment is free | The Observer
"The rock is that the national security state, as embodied in the National Security Agency, GCHQ and kindred agencies, shows no sign of withering away. Au contraire. In the end, companies such as Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Apple will be compelled to obey the state's orders. If they don't, their executives will find themselves sharing jail cells with the likes of Bradley Manning.

The hard place is corporate terror that their users will become alienated by the realisation that personal communications cannot be safely entrusted to internet companies based in the US. Crunch time has arrived for Google & co, in other words. I look forward to the second, revised, edition of Schmidt's book."
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june 2013 by petej
Bryan Appleyard » Blog Archive » Has Google Gone Gaga?
"The Singularity, Ayn Rand, the elitism, the moral pretensions and the dreams of island states are all sending the same message – that Silicon Valley is a small, highly intelligent, obsessive, hubristic and deluded community. Its values are not ours. We should, of course, embrace its ingenuity and the gadgets it showers upon us, but we should be wary of the ‘terms and conditions’ attached. These include not just the inane legalisms that come with the software, but also the ideology, the rhetoric, the world-dominating fantasies and, of course, the tax avoidance."
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june 2013 by petej
What’s wrong with the future | Reflections on Digital Media & Culture
"Evil threads its way through much of the book. It’s clear who the enemy is: dictatorships, repressive regimes, failed states, criminal syndicates, cartels, pirates, kidnappers, and rogue individuals. Democracy comes out as the hero of the story.

Considering the book’s authors, it’s no surprise that they don’t have in their sights multinationals, avaricious tax-evading global corporations, the fraught finance and banking sector, exploiters of cheap offshore labour, rampant consumerism, materialism, hegemony, or global capital.

There’s little sense in the book of any kind of political or collective complicity in the world’s problems or those of its future. It’s as if no one had ever heard of Adorno, Marcuse, Baudrillard, Deleuze, or even Karl Marx, or read any critical social science or cultural theory. Perhaps that’s what’s wrong with the future."
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april 2013 by petej
Eric Schmidt: The Next 5 Billion (with images, tweets) · CRASSHpublicity · Storify
It was a bit "parallel universe", where the GFC never happened, growth is a given, nice corporations will network everyone & we all live happily ever after. And "radicals" will be caught, so don't bother.
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january 2013 by petej
Eric Schmidt, chairman of Google, condemns British education system | Technology | The Guardian
My own drift to the humanities taught me to distrust pontifications from chairs of global corporations
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august 2011 by petej

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