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LENIN'S TOMB: On Forgetting Yourself
The politics of forgetting oneself would be a form of ‘anti-identity’ politics. It would be a politics of resistance to trends which force one to spend too much time on the self (which, in fact, would include not just the monopolisation of one’s attention by social media, but far more saliently all the forms of racism, sexism, homophobia and other kinds of ascriptive oppression that necessitate exhaustive work to redefine the self). It would begin with deliberately cultivating solitude and forgetting. It would acknowledge that all labour spent on the self is potentially displacement activity, wasted energy. And that, with that effort conserved, some sort of great work could be done.
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february 2017 by petej
Social Media and Academic Surveillance: The Ethics of Digital Bodies by Dorothy Kim | Model View Culture
"This is how academics need to understand Twitter: a multivalent, rhizomatic platform with voices that form communities, conversations, and can talk back or even shout back if they so choose. Twitter as a public space does not mean academics have permission to make digital bodies data points or experimental cells in a petri dish. Unlike the original idea of the panopticon in which those under surveillance had no option to see or speak back to the people watching them, Twitter allows these social spatial walls to break and for the digital bodies or “objects” of an academic study to speak back, protest, and create ethical disruptions."
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june 2015 by petej
BBC News - Facial recognition: Shop where everybody knows your name
"Imagine walking into a shop you've never been in before, to be greeted by name by a sales assistant you don't know."
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december 2014 by petej
You’ll Never Hear Surf Music Again #altc #altc2014 | FOLLOWERS OF THE APOCALYPSE
"Bluntly, should we be recommending to learners that they join any social network? And how should we be protecting and supporting those that choose to.

Social media has changed underneath us, and we need to respond to what social media is rather than what it was."
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september 2014 by petej
The death of privacy | World news | The Observer
I asked Josh Cohen why we needed private lives. His answer was a rallying cry and a warning. "Privacy," he said, "precisely because it ensures we're never fully known to others or to ourselves, provides a shelter for imaginative freedom, curiosity and self-reflection. So to defend the private self is to defend the very possibility of creative and meaningful life."
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august 2014 by petej
Workplace Surveillance Sees Good and Bad -
"Sociometric Solutions" "workplace analytics" "general manager for digital insight"

Oh just fuck off.
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june 2014 by petej The Mainstream Media Just Discovered Foucault and They're All Wrong
"American liberals would be wise to realize that the new “panopticism” they’ve discovered is the long overdue consequence of policies they’ve long supported. Obama’s executive overreach isn’t some simple instance of panopticism that must be combated, but the continuation of decades of domestic policy. People of color have long been subject to state surveillance with silent approval of liberals and conservatives alike.

When the creators of the Patriot Act expressed outrage over the NSA surveillance program, they must have been disappointed that is was being levied against white folks. Instead of stopping at Discipline and Punish, readers would be wise to examine Foucault’s other works to find the ways that they are implicated in the power they decry. "
surveillance  PRISM  NSA  Panopticon  politics  FoucaultMichel 
august 2013 by petej
Edward Snowden has missed the golden era of going on the run | Duncan Campbell | Comment is free |
"as it has become easier to act as an anonymous informer, the old "good luck to them" spirit of sympathy for the person on the run seems to have dissipated. While many may wish Snowden well in his bid to avoid spending the rest of his life behind bars, there are plenty others who would be more than happy to shop him; we live in less forgiving times.

The other factor is that governments have become more vindictive in their pursuit of those who have had the effrontery to tell the truth about their activities. Daniel Ellsberg, who leaked the Pentagon Papers, was lucky not to be spend decades behind bars, but Mordechai Vanunu, the Israeli nuclear whistleblower, was hunted down, lured to Italy, kidnapped and drugged for revealing his country's nuclear weapons programme.

By charging Snowden with espionage, when it is clear to everyone apart from a few useful idiots at Fox News that Snowden is no spy, the United States government has made it clear that they will put great effort into chasing him down."
SnowdenEdward  Internet  policing  media  communication  surveillance  Panopticon 
june 2013 by petej

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