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Net, square, everywhere? | Nick Dyer-Witheford | Commentary | Radical Philosophy 171 (Jan/Feb 2012)
"This is what makes the slogan ‘We are the 99 per cent’ simultaneously inspired and mystifying. Networks enable a circulation of struggles. They make the resistances to global capital by various segments of the global worker digitally visible, audible and legible to one another. But they do not spontaneously guarantee the commonality of these struggles, which must rather be constructed as a project of political articulation. This is the task of communist organization. The important radical formations of the future will be those that bring to this old task a new fusion of networked and terrestrial connection to actualize the aspiration emblazoned on the banner carried at the Oakland general strike: ‘Occupy Everywhere: Death to Capitalism’"
Occupy  activism  Internet  communication  horizontalism  networks  hierarchy  organisation  class  dctagged  dc:creator=Dyer-WithefordNick 
october 2015 by petej
Running Along the Disaster: A Conversation with Franco “Bifo” Berardi | e-flux
"Resistance is futile, as the mutation is transforming everything in the deep fabric of subjectivity. Obviously, people will struggle for survival, and you can call it resistance. Small islands of temporary social autonomy will resist, but the conditions for social solidarity have been cancelled by the pervading precarity. We should stop deceiving ourselves: the only resistance to global financial capitalism for the time being is the identitarian force of localism, identity, and fascism."
interview  crisis  Europe  Occupy  occupation  socialMovements  precarity  nationalism  dctagged  dc:contributor=BerardiFranco  politics 
june 2014 by petej
Worlds collide as Russell Brand predicts a revolution - Channel 4 News
"I think, on balance, Russell is right about the prospect of a revolution. It won't be a socialist revolution, nor even an anti-capitalist one in design.

It will be something cultural - like the mass uprising of Turkish youth I saw in Taksim Square this year. A complete rejection of the corrupt and venal values of those who run society. In fact, as I've written before, it's already going on.

What's driving it is the failure of the current model of capitalism to answer some basic questions: like where will the jobs come from if automation takes over our lives? Where will high wages come from if workers' bargaining power is just repeatedly stamped down by the process of globalisation? How will this generation be secure in old age, if the pension system is shattered and we face half a century of boom-bust?"
BrandRussell  PaxmanJeremy  Newsnight  revolution  youth  precarity  postFordism  jiltedGeneration  capitalism  anti-capitalism  socialMovements  Occupy  dctagged  dc:creator=MasonPaul 
october 2013 by petej
Don’t Mourn, Organise | freely associating
"Underneath movement slogans, such as the Spanish indignados’ demand for “Real Democracy Now!” or Occupy Wall Street’s “We are the 99%”, lies the crisis of political representation. The collapse of both the revolutionary and reformist projects has left political elites unable to either reform themselves or funnel movement demands into institutional change. Yet the types of action we have so far adopted, from symbolic one-day strikes to the occupation of non-vital public squares, don’t reflect this new reality. We need to develop forms of struggle that materially interrupt the roll-out of austerity while directly enacting other values."
politics  organisation  ukriots  Occupy  indignados  representation  socialMovements  debt  crisis 
april 2013 by petej
From Arab Spring to global revolution | Paul Mason | World news | The Guardian
"Now the movements are at a turning point. Their "revolution" remains trapped at the phase of ideology, culture, political debate. The real changes desired by those who protest are still only achievable by those prepared to wield hierarchical power: be it Egyptian opposition leader Mohamed ElBaradei, President Obama or Greek leftist leader Alexis Tsipras, waiting nervously in the wings.

The radical youth do not disdain "ordinary" or "everyday" life, or the unwashed, uneducated masses; nor do they fear to go up against batons and even bullets: the Indian anti-rape protests are just the latest proof of this. What they disdain and fear are the politics of traditional power. In the process of overcoming this, they will probably be forced to engage with the things they despise: compromise, parliamentary politics, the art of the possible, political Islam, organised labour. The question then is: on whose terms, and with what politics?"
protest  politics  rebellion  revolution  dctagged  dc:creator=MasonPaul  wikoe  socialMedia  socialNetworking  Occupy  horizontalism  organisation 
february 2013 by petej
Interview with Kalle Lasn | The White Review

"Rather than rational analysis we just need magical new approaches that wake the world up to what’s really happening, because at the moment we’re still in denial. Most people are still sort of saying, ‘Oh, we’ll be OK. We’ll slowly work out this recession that we’re in and then it’ll be sailing forward again’. But if you see the world in the same apocalyptic terms that I see it, then maybe you’ll be more ready for some of these free, open, anarchic, fuck-it-all approaches. Let’s just go forward in a ‘fuck-it-all’ way and keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best."
Adbusters  activism  media  advertising  marketing  campaigning  anti-capitalism  interview  dctagged  dc:contributor=LasnKalle  Occupy  politics  rationalism 
january 2013 by petej
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