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New Statesman - Gilbey on Film: Hollow men
"The Best Picture winner must, wherever possible, be as safe and innocuous and fragrant as a Radox bath. The King's Speech is all those things and frothy with it. As a critic I cannot applaud such a hollow film. But as an exercise in how to win Best Picture, and send audiences home from the cinema feeling coddled, it is a masterpiece of calculation and cynicism. No wonder David Cameron is proud to stand behind it."
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march 2011 by petej
New Statesman - Revolts don’t have to be tweeted
"The writing is on the wall, with or without the web. Across the world, ordinary people - including a huge, seething pool of surplus graduates without employment - are finding their lives measurably less tolerable than they had anticipated. They are realising that they are not suffering alone, or by accident, but because the capitalist classes have consistently put their own interests first. The writing is on the wall, and it would still be there if we had to paint it on with mud and sticks. Technology is defining the parameters of global protest in 2011 but it is a crisis of capital that has set the wheels of revolt in motion."
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february 2011 by petej
New Statesman - The Sky Sports sexism row is a watershed moment
"Some are worried that this marks a new victory for the spectral PC Brigade and a clampdown on freedom of expression. It doesn't, and it's not evidence that men are the ones who are really the victims of sexism, either. It's just proof that if you say something stupid, you might not always get away with it, particularly if there's a microphone around."
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january 2011 by petej
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