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The Quietus | Features | Tome On The Range | Popular Front 2.0: An Interview With Paul Mason
There’s no need to be depressed about the absence of work, but of course it was the source of status for a lot of manual, poorly-educated, low-skilled people in the 20th century, and the absence of it is what’s driving things like Brexit and the far right. Men are going to have to understand that because work and male dominance is going, what it means to be male is going to have to be rethought, and if you look for cultural references as to what that’s going to be like, you really have to search quite hard. They are mostly all warriors, tricksters, powerful men with money, etc. #MeToo is almost the last gasp of oppression because it says in the last place where hierarchy is guaranteed – the workplace – that dominance is now
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june 2019 by petej
Stumbling and Mumbling: Why we need Analytical Marxism
For one thing. analytical Marxism reminds us that politics is not a moral crusade. It is not about goodies versus baddies. Of course the analytical Marxists developed a powerful moral critique of capitalism. But it was a critique of a system that is unjust and oppressive. Our objection to capitalism is systemic, not that it is run by bad people. As Marx said, “external coercive laws [have] power over every individual capitalist.”

This view stops us thinking of our opponents as bad people and therefore saves us from the idiocies into which some non-Marxist leftists have fallen: as Sean Matgamna says, “antisemites are always perverted moralists.”
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march 2019 by petej
Why Class Matters
Just to reiterate my main point: real utopias become viable when they span these two strategies, taming and eroding capitalism. That’s why it’s different from old-fashioned Bernsteinian evolutionary socialism. The role of the state in such a transformational project is to defend and expand the spaces in which alternatives are built from below, rather than for the state to provide, to be the central actor in the provision of needs.
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february 2019 by petej
Why Marx is more relevant than ever in the age of automation
“That inner desire you are suppressing, for Marxism to be humanistic? That impulse towards individual liberation? It’s already there in Marx, just waiting to be discovered. So paint what you want, love whom you want. Fuck the vanguard party. The revolutionary subject is the self.”
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may 2018 by petej
Verso: Not Just Being Right, But Getting Free: Reflections on Class, Race, and Marxism
Roediger’s book reminds us that we need not only struggle against capitalism, we also need to exceed the limitations of its epistemology. A socialist sensibility, while ruthlessly critical of capitalism, is also patient, expansive, and forgiving. It understands that people make sense of the world with the categories available to them. It also recognizes that Marxist categories remain largely unavailable in the U.S. Our debates about Marxist theory and practice must retain the humility, patience, and the confidence to speak to people where they are at, not where we believe they should be. The point, again, as Roediger reminds us, is not just to be right. The point is to get free.
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august 2017 by petej
Ordoliberalism and the Death of Liberal Democracy – An Interview With Werner Bonefeld | Salvage
Catalonia and Scotland might liberate themselves respectively from Spain and England. That does in any manner change the conditions of social reproduction, as set out earlier. It does not transform Catalonia or Scotland into classless societies. It changes the situations in which social reproduction takes takes place. A dependent labourer from Glasgow, say, has more in common with a dependent labourer from Newcastle than with the Lord of Buccleuch. The identification of individuals with some transcendent values of the nation is regressive. It stinks of soil and blood.
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