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The Tories are tough on Islamophobia? What a joke | Jonathan Freedland | Opinion | The Guardian
It means that both main UK parties are now facing accusations of institutional racism. Some will wonder why, of the two, it’s the issue of Labour antisemitism that has so far garnered the greater attention. One explanation is not flattering to the Tory party. It is simply that people expect much less of the Tories than they do of an avowedly anti-racist party such as Labour. Put another way, if the Tory party is riddled with bigotry towards a minority, it hardly comes as a surprise.
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Britain First threatens to target London Mayor Sadiq Khan with 'direct action' | People | News | The Independent
In the release, Mr Golding says: “Britain First specialises in militant direct action and has tracked down and confronted numerous hate preachers and terrorists.

“Britain First now considers all Muslim elected officials as ‘occupiers’ and will start to oppose their strategy of entryism and take-over of our political system.”

Citing the apparent “intelligence” they receive, the group pledges to “focus on all aspects of their day-to-day lives and official functions, including where they live, work, pray and so on”.
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