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UK Sliding into Something Worse than Censorship - Open Enterprise
"In other words, the opt-in scheme threatens to move us beyond creeping censorship - bad enough in itself - to something far worse, because not so visible: creeping self-censorship. That is truly the Chinese model, where online users know that there are certain lines that cannot be crossed, and who therefore never write or discuss certain forbidden topics because they have interiorised the government's restrictions.

So, the question has to be: is this really the society we want to create here in the UK - a bunch of cowering people constantly worried about how their online choices might be used against them one day, and changing their actions drastically as a result? Maybe for some politicians (no names, no packdrill) it is, but I seriously doubt most of us are happy with that vision. In which case, we need to fight this idiotic and dangerous opt-in scheme now, regardless of what we think about porn and its online availability."
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july 2013 by petej
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