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Boris Johnson to France: no WW2-style punishment beatings over Brexit | Politics | The Guardian
n an extraordinary outburst at a foreign policy conference in Delhi, Johnson said: “If Hollande wants to administer punishment beatings to anybody who seeks to escape [the EU], in the manner of some world war two movie, I don’t think that is the way forward. It’s not in the interests of our friends and partners.”
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After Paris: Violence and Law
"The gist of Hollande’s position is that he wants a framework to govern states of emergency and states of exception in order to protect democracy – though their deployment might entail some temporary violation of its norms. In any case, he suggests, the passionate commitment of the people and their leaders to democratic virtues will ensure their abuse is unlikely and their duration, in practice, short. But if the history of struggles for democracy on this continent suggest anything to us, it is that it is neither linear in progression, nor is it ever eternally secured. There is no intrinsically democratic ‘spirit’ to which it can be entrusted. Perhaps the same politicians and commentators who applauded struggles for constitutional democracy elsewhere in 2011, and deplore such hasty constitutional amendments in other countries – so often their former colonies – would be wise to apply the same standard of principled scrutiny to their own rulers."
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Three days that saved the euro | Ian Traynor | World news | The Guardian
In the end, Tsipras had capitulated to a script written in Berlin – reneging on his election pledges and splitting his own party, which did not prevent him from winning the snap election he called in September. But the bigger question may be what the chastening experience of that tense weekend did to Germany and Europe. Schäuble’s bid to banish Greece from the eurozone had not succeeded, but it had resurrected the spectre of German bullying – the outcome of the summit, Munich’s Süddeutsche Zeitung wrote, amounted to a demonstration of German power at the expense of German leadership.

Merkel had listened to Schäuble, opted not to stop him, and then in the end, overruled him – perhaps less for the sake of saving Greece and the euro and more to avoid being blamed for the unforeseeable consequences. When it was all over on Monday morning, her reflections on the deal were typically pragmatic: “The advantages,” she reasoned, “outweigh the disadvantages.”
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