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(THREAD) Brexit is creeping towards us and I feel frustrated that so little thought has been given to people in families with dual nationalities. If you’re interested to know why Brexit is rubbish for me and my loved ones, please read on (fully expectin
(THREAD) Brexit is creeping towards us and I feel frustrated that so little thought has been given to people in families with dual nationalities. If you’re interested to know why Brexit is rubbish for me and my loved ones, please read on (fully expecting to lose followers here!)
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august 2019 by petej
'Something resembling hell': how does the rest of the world view the UK? | Politics | The Guardian
First, I should say that we French Europeans are grateful to our British friends for making sure one word has exited our vocabulary: Frexit.

For Brexit has made Frexit impossible. Four years ago, Marine Le Pen could still float the Frexit temptation and lead some of her supporters to believe that leaving the EU would somehow solve France’s problems.

By the time she launched her campaign for the 2017 presidential election, the Brexit referendum had already had one effect: the Front National leader no longer dared push her Frexit argument any more, confining herself instead to attacking the euro and advocating a return to the old franc. Even this proved a bad idea.

In the last TV debate between the two rounds of the election, Emmanuel Macron crushed Le Pen by proving how incoherent her idea of a French paradise outside the eurozone actually was. It took a year for her to recover, and two years for her party – now renamed National Rally – to produce a programme admitting that leaving the euro was “not a priority any more”.
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august 2019 by petej
The rise of the student worker | Red Pepper
The marketisation of universities and privatisation of the students’ social reproduction has broken the walls separating the university as an academically oriented space that is partially autonomous from the demands of capital. From setting foot on campus to taking a loan to finding place to live, students today cannot escape their forcible integration into international capital’s search for investment returns in an increasingly volatile market.
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january 2019 by petej
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