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James Comey helped Trump win. Now he wants to undo his mistake | Richard Wolffe | Opinion | The Guardian
“I don’t think he’s medically unfit to be president,” he said. “I think he’s morally unfit to be president. A person who sees moral equivalence in Charlottesville, who talks about and treats women like they’re pieces of meat, who lies constantly about matters big and small, and insists the American people believe it: that person’s not fit to be president of the United States on moral grounds.”
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All the President’s Lies - The New York Times
Our president is a liar, and we need to find out how serious his latest lies are.
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Rebecca Solnit · From Lying to Leering: Penis Power · LRB 19 January 2017
"Hillary Clinton was all that stood between us and a reckless, unstable, ignorant, inane, infinitely vulgar, climate-change-denying white-nationalist misogynist with authoritarian ambitions and kleptocratic plans. A lot of people, particularly white men, could not bear her, and that is as good a reason as any for Trump’s victory. Over and over again, I heard men declare that she had failed to make them vote for her. They saw the loss as hers rather than ours, and they blamed her for it, as though election was a gift they withheld from her because she did not deserve it or did not attract them. They did not blame themselves or the electorate or the system for failing to stop Trump."
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