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Senior Labour figures clash over concerns of working-class voters | Politics | The Guardian
Jones, who is standing as a candidate on Wednesday to become a representative of backbenchers on Labour’s parliamentary committee, said he would use the position to fight for greater attention of white working-class voters. He wants Corbyn to address perceptions that the leadership is not patriotic and does not support the deployment of nuclear weapons, he said.

“How thick does this party have to be? We have not learnt the lessons from the rise of the BNP [in the 90s]. Our core voters cannot be taken for granted. These are people who have been let down by political elites for decades. They see themselves as being at the back of every queue.

“We have to talk about their concerns – counter-terrorism, nationalism, defence and community, the nuclear deterrent and patriotism,” said Jones, who represents Hyndburn in Lancashire.

Asked if he was concerned that the party could sound as if it was appealing to racist sentiments, Jones said: “It is not about that. There are genuine concerns about wages being undercut. We have to arrived at a point where these communities in England can no longer be ignored. And if we fail to address it, we are finished.”
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