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The UK’s Flexible Constitution
The final unknown squats behind the door of Number 10. Cummings and Johnson believe that everything can be reduced to a matter of intensity of commitment and powered by voluntaristic brio. It’s a mode suited to campaigning, where passion can hold together impossible tensions and antinomies, but toxic and self-defeating in the constructive work of rule. It also makes obvious the torsion between the two concepts of democracy at work in British politics. One considers democracy a singular event that happened in June 2016: the purpose of all politics is to implement and administer the referendum result, and under its sign all sorts of petty decisionism and amateur Caesarism can be countenanced. The second considers democracy an ongoing, piecemeal, iterative work, in which the future is shaped by new elections and debates as much as by the referendum. Across the House in the past few years, many have praised the flexibility and adaptability of Britain’s constitution: it may well soon be stretched to the point of rupture.
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Will Dominic Cummings turn No 10 into a Nasa-style control centre? | André Spicer | Opinion | The Guardian
The idea that high-tech firms and hedge funds are the appropriate analogies for civil service reform is fraught with danger. Looking at Silicon Valley companies may bring in new ideas and cutting-edge practices. But it is based on a common mistake: what works in one sector will also work in another. Researchers have repeatedly found that this simply isn’t true. Cummings’s ideas about decision-making might work in sectors where processing data and pushing the right button is crucial. But in government, implementation of decisions is the crucial part. Having complex seeing-rooms staffed by super-smart people, all kitted out with the latest data-visualisation tools is unlikely to help government with the hard work of implementing its policies.
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So what just happened with @BorisJohnson #Brexit statement? My take as follows.... tldr; we are heading for a general election. Here's why...
At which point, as Johnson goes the 'full 'no deal', then Parliament steps in to stop it happening - is my bet - and privately Johnson Team will be happy to be saved from 'no deal', while outwards OUTRAGED that Parliament is blocking the 'will of the people'. /8
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Bring your own sunshine
From Brexit to domestic policy, a cloud of illegitimacy hangs over Downing Street. Johnson takes office on the back of an election in which 0.2 per cent of the population could vote, at the end of an abnormally long parliamentary session, with a legislative programme he has no intention of fulfilling, and a manifesto long since binned. He knows that a new session in Parliament would require him to test the confidence of the House, with a serious risk of his ministry collapsing over Brexit policy. He attacked Gordon Brown for not holding a general election after assuming office in 2007; a petty Caesarism that attempted to stretch out a parliamentary session on the edge of expiry as a way of dodging the House’s verdict would far outstrip Brown in arrogance and contempt. But it reveals the uncomfortable truth beneath the ersatz sunshine and wishful thinking: Johnson’s party is fractured, his options are few, and his hand is weak.
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