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'Something resembling hell': how does the rest of the world view the UK? | Politics | The Guardian
First, I should say that we French Europeans are grateful to our British friends for making sure one word has exited our vocabulary: Frexit.

For Brexit has made Frexit impossible. Four years ago, Marine Le Pen could still float the Frexit temptation and lead some of her supporters to believe that leaving the EU would somehow solve France’s problems.

By the time she launched her campaign for the 2017 presidential election, the Brexit referendum had already had one effect: the Front National leader no longer dared push her Frexit argument any more, confining herself instead to attacking the euro and advocating a return to the old franc. Even this proved a bad idea.

In the last TV debate between the two rounds of the election, Emmanuel Macron crushed Le Pen by proving how incoherent her idea of a French paradise outside the eurozone actually was. It took a year for her to recover, and two years for her party – now renamed National Rally – to produce a programme admitting that leaving the euro was “not a priority any more”.
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All gates open
Electronic monitoring can be used to make people feel like they are in prison, as Kofman details, or it can be oriented toward making containment feel like pleasure, as casino management demonstrates. In either case, data collection is presumed to provide leverage over not just how people behave but how they experience it. Surveillance is made synonymous with "emotion detection" and then emotion correction. The ambition of tech companies and governments alike is to generalize this monitoring and inflect it to indicate an individual's social standing. No one would be free in the sense of being safe from observation; instead everyone would just be in the jail or in the casino. How we are being watched would dictate how we feel, and not whether anyone is watching or not.
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