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The making of Ed Miliband | Politics | The Guardian
"The project had necessarily been marked by compromise. It had become a hybrid of New, Blue and Brown Labour. The slate of retail policy may not, to many on the left, look equivalent in scale to the mission of rewriting Britain’s social and economic order – a higher minimum wage, apprenticeships, a gentler trajectory of budget consolidation to protect public services, more midwives, free nursery places and nurses. Some of it looked like old-fashioned redistributive social democracy: taxing the very rich to pay for the NHS.

But for Miliband these were emblems of intent – flares sent up to illuminate the motive that had impelled him to run for the leadership five years earlier. Opposition had imposed severe constraints, not least the obligation to publish a manifesto whose first page delivered a commitment to budget discipline. But Miliband felt that need not extinguish Labour’s fervour for radical change. And he has revealed enough evangelical ability at the end of the journey for the party to get behind him with more relish than it had previously shown. Miliband often struggled to be heard, but he never lost sight of what it was he wanted to say.

Whether less partisan voters see it that way is another matter. Miliband has not amassed a great army of followers along the way; at times it felt more like a siege than a crusade. But for his small band of trusted advisers, it has been a triumph of intellectual consistency over political volatility. They see a potential prime minister whose platform is a concrete extension of the idea that brought them together in 2010: a belief that Labour could win without compromising its historic determination to fashion a more equal society.

If he fails, there will be no shortage of critics ready to point out the flaws in the original idea and its subsequent execution. Yet none can deny that there is a principled resilience that has driven him on. If Miliband makes it to Downing Street, it will be a vindication of his earliest conviction – that his vision for Britain would, in time, vanquish doubts about its bearer. “If you let that side of you shine through,” Axelrod had told him over dinner in May, “the man who has a cause he believes in and is prepared to lose for – then you can win.”"
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2010 – the stupid election | Robin Brown
"Watching this campaign has been like watching some sort of Chris Morris work of art. 15 years after The Day Today we finally have rolling news telling us absolutely fuck all, the silly graphics and the news networks setting their own empty agendas."
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The Observer | Review | Barbara Ellen meets the elusive Mr Brown
"What people are being asked to remember is that we are all part of one universe, that we have responsibilities to each other."
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