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Brexit: How many trade deals has the UK done? - BBC News
In the countries where the UK had no formal trade agreement, both would have to trade under the rules overseen by the World Trade Organization (WTO).

Under this system, every WTO member is free to negotiate its own tariffs - or taxes - on different goods. But under the rules, members have to offer the same tariff to every other WTO country.
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january 2019 by petej
The Serena cartoon debate: calling out racism is not ‘censorship’ | Gary Younge | Opinion | The Guardian
We have now reached a peculiar juncture where accusations of racism make some people more upset than racism itself. Having dismissed as political correctness arguments that place Knight’s picture firmly within the history of racist and sexist cartoons – that catch-all cop-out when all other justifications for offensiveness have been exhausted – they then don the camouflage of satire.
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september 2018 by petej
Why pommie bashing is so much fun | World news |
"The only aspect of British life that feels both modern and truly functional is the surveillance culture. It’s the world's first police state with the reach of a dictatorship, but the mind of a suburbanite curtain-twitcher, obsessed with littering, TV aerials, noisy teenagers and the foreigners next door – Eurasia run by Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells."
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november 2013 by petej
Why politicians hate you | Overland literary journal
"Of course, the foundational premise of those who strive for political power is that one is nothing and can achieve nothing unless one is at the top of the decision-making heap, at the very pinnacle of sovereign power. It’s rather like a child wishing they were the mum or dad because then they’d be able to eat all the ice-cream they wanted, stay up late and be the boss of everyone. It’s perfectly acceptable for children to have these fantasies of fury and omnipotence. It’s something of a problem when political parties adopt them as power structures.

This is the way sovereign power sustains itself: by declaring it to be self-evident that this is how power and political action naturally work. What happens at the bottom, (that is, where everyone lives) is dictated by what is said at the top. It’s a delusional idea, always prone to outbreaks of proto-fascism and requiring more and more exercises of brute force to sustain itself. In other words the only way to remain sovereign is to become more and more sovereign. And to some extent the Left has subscribed to this. If we only had a prime minister who was of the Left, some of us think, things would be cool. Thinking like this gets the world cheering over the election of Barack Obama, a man whose psyche seems so damaged that his galactic sense of his own omnipotence and goodness is unscratchable.

To schmooze your way to the top for the purpose of influence doesn’t require competence. It requires a sociopathic mindset. The people who are most likely to be successful at climbing the pyramid are exactly those it is most dangerous to have there: those who seamlessly combine a staged impersonation of charm with a ruthless and callous mind.

And it’s always the case that the paranoid sociopaths in their quest for more and more control have contempt for anybody who doesn’t want the same. Weakness is despised, and must be crushed as they crush it in themselves. And so to be dependent on weak nobodies like us for their job every three or four years must be galling in the extreme. Lying to us is the best we deserve, contemptible insects that we are. Why can’t elections be stitched up somehow? Get me the spin doctors on the line now."
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august 2013 by petej
ADA2013 Session 4: Dr. Tim Sherratt - YouTube
"What do we really mean by the word 'access'?"

"Access can never simply be given. On some level it has to be taken. Access to me is not an act of gratitude, or compliance, or consumption, but of resistance."
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june 2013 by petej
‘A map and some pins’ Open data and unlimited horizons
"This is inevitable. There is no neutral position. All we can do is encourage re-use of the data, recognising that every such use represents an opening out into new contexts and meanings. Beyond questions of access or format, data starts to become open through its use. In Duff and Harris’s words, we should see open data ‘as always in the process of being made’.

What this means for cultural institutions is that the sharing of open data is not just about letting people create new apps or interfaces. It’s about letting people create new meanings. We should be encouraging them to use our APIs and LOD to poke holes in our assumptions to let the power pour out.

There’s no magic formula for this beyond, perhaps, building confidence and creating opportunities. But I do think that Linked Open Data offers interesting possibilities as a framework for collaboration and contestation – for making and challenging meanings.

We tend to think about Linked Open Data as a way of publishing – of pushing our data out. But in fact the production and consumption of Linked Open Data are closely entwined. The links in our data come from re-using identifiers and vocabularies that others have developed. The linked data cloud grows through a process of give and take, by many small acts of creation and consumption.

There’s no reason why that process should be confined to cultural institutions, government departments, business, or research organisations. Linked Open Data enables any individual to talk about what’s important to them, while embedding their thoughts, collections, passions or obsessions within a global conversation. By sharing identifiers and vocabularies we create a platform for communication. Anyone can join in.

So, if we want people to engage with our data, perhaps we need to encourage them to create their own."
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april 2013 by petej
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