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Boris Johnson's Top Team Is At War Over Whether To Push For An Election
Firstly, while Corbyn may have blocked the election last time, he has repeatedly committed to backing an election as soon as an extension to Article 50 is triggered, so they think going back on his word would be politically all but impossible for the Labour leader.

Second, while Johnson’s aides were confident they could find a majority to ram their Withdrawal Agreement Bill through Parliament in three days this week, they are less confident about their chances of doing so during an extension.

There are fears that, given time for extra scrutiny and to formulate a coherent strategy, opposition MPs will coalesce around an amendment to wreck the bill. They are particularly concerned that the Liberal Democrats and Scottish Nationalist Party will set aside their usual position of not voting for any Brexit measure to back a customs union amendment.

Third, internal polling has shown that an election now would be favourable to the Tories as, one official claims, the evidence suggests the public wants Brexit over with. Johnson can campaign saying he has got a deal and just needs a majority to “get Brexit done”.
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Will EU compromise after receiving UK Brexit proposals? - BBC News
No-one I speak to on the EU side thinks a new Brexit deal can be done in time for the leaders' summit in mid-October. Few think it possible even by the end of the month.

Ultimately the EU doesn't buy the prime minister's line that it's either this deal or no deal.

Brussels believes another extension is the most likely new chapter in the ongoing Brexit process.
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Johnson has run out of road. Other people’s outrage is all he’s got now | Tom Kibasi | Opinion | The Guardian
Johnson’s opponents would do far better to expose the absurdity of his stated policy positions, and their impact on peoples’ lives. Ask him how tailbacks will be managed in Kent to keep food on supermarket shelves; about the plan for a cold chain for critical medicines to keep people alive; or what will happen to the automotive industry and the thousands of jobs within it. Interrogate him on the detailed timeline for the negotiations with the EU after a no-deal exit. What would happen if the EU refused to talk until Britain agreed to the backstop and financial settlement? How many years does he expect the negotiations to last? Why would they produce a different result when Britain has less leverage?

The truth is, this strongman is weak. The law has been passed to prevent no deal, so he has already lost. Despite all his bluster, Johnson has to make a deal with the EU, request an extension, or resign. We fail to expose this defeat only if we dance to Johnson’s tune and let him shape future arguments in his favour. We are discovering that living through history feels less monumental than monumentally stupid.
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Labour cannot out-remain the Lib Dems. Thankfully, it doesn’t need to | Tom Kibasi | Opinion | The Guardian
The failure to recognise this leads to poor judgments from the remain ultras. Rather than speaking about the risks of no deal, remainers would do better to point out that it is a plan to go back to square one in negotiations with the EU – in the midst of chaos, disruption and job losses. It means yet more years of squabbling over the financial settlement and the Irish backstop, which the EU says will be the first items in the talks that would follow a no-deal exit. No deal is a way for the Tory’s hardline European Research Group to indulge its Brexit fetish with a decade of Brexit, Brexit and more Brexit. No deal is a dirty bomb, not a clean break.
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It is parliament’s duty to resist Johnson’s dangerous no-deal Brexit strategy | Dominic Grieve | Opinion | The Guardian
There will not be the parliament v the people election the prime minister seems so desperately to want, despite the highly irresponsible nature of such framing. When one does come, it needs to be focused on sensible options as to how we get ourselves out of the mess and division that Brexit is creating for us all.

It is noteworthy that my mailbag suggests the public understands the issues very well. The Yellowhammer revelations of the consequences of no deal cannot be ignored. The realisation has also come that a no-deal Brexit is the start of a long and wearying journey to find a new trade deal with the EU from a position of maximum disadvantage and not some glorious moment of national self-assertion.

I start the new week therefore with quiet optimism. We have at last a powerful coalition for moderation. The prime minister and his advisers are going to find it rather difficult to knock it down. They would do better to focus on finding a way of going back to the public and asking them what they now want and uniting parliament to deliver it. This would be a genuine exercise in democracy. Seeking to impose their own minority views on our country in the way they are is not acceptable and must be resisted.
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Boris Johnson short of options as rebels vow to secure Brexit delay | Politics | The Guardian
The prime minister reportedly wrote to Tory members on Friday evening pledging to break the law that will require him to seek an extension of Article 50. “They just passed a law that would force me to beg Brussels for an extension to the Brexit deadline. This is something I will never do.”
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