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70+ Free iPhone Apps for Social Media Mavens
We’ve gathered up over 70 apps that will help you stay in touch with just about anyone, whether they are across the world or using the same Wi-Fi hotspot as you. Oh, and did we mention that all of these are 100% free? What isn’t to love?
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january 2009 by per
Follow the 10 ground rules, or fail on the web - Friendly Bit
When you work with the web, there are a couple of basics you really need to get right.
web  social  list 
november 2008 by per
150+ Most Active Designers on Twitter Everyone Must Follow | Naldz Graphics
I list down 150+ Most Active Designers on Twitter which I recommend for you to follow:)
design  list  twitter  reference  social  designers 
october 2008 by per
Send audio postcards to your friends
ecards  postcards  web  social  email 
september 2008 by per
POWER TO THE POSTER - Wild In The Streets!
This website is for people to use a ready supply of well-designed, wild postings that comment on the issues of our time.
design  inspiration  social  posters  print 
august 2008 by per
A List Apart: Articles: Putting Our Hot Heads Together
View a comment section as a brainstorming session or potential goldmine of creative exchanges, rather than your chance to choose between being a fanboy or a brawler.
collaboration  comments  community  web  media  social  blogging 
august 2008 by per
Most Promising for Web 2008: Open Source Movement
In this post we'll give you our pick for Most Promising for Web in 2008.
web  2008  opensource  social  trends  openid  oauth 
december 2007 by per
Best of 2007: Trends That Shaped the Web
The web, even at this age, is still an ever developing landscape. New trends come and go, some of them will last, some won’t. This is a list of five we felt shaped this year, and probably will in 2008 also.
web  2007  trends  social  ecommerce  opensource 
december 2007 by per
Social network websites: best practices from leading services » SlideShare
This document provides a general background for understanding social network websites and the study of online matchmaking websites and business network websites
analysis  business  community  social  presentation 
december 2007 by per

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