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The Death of Flash by Dustin Curtis
Flash Player 11.1 is the last release of the Flash Player plug-in for mobile browsers. Adobe will not add support for newmobile device configurations (chipset, browser, OS version, etc.).
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march 2012 by per
Flash Countdown Timers | Flash Speaks Actionscript
Here is a nice collection of Flash countdown timers. They range from XML driven to an old film countdown timer. I’ve noticed that there are many individuals looking for a solid Flash countdown timer, so here they are. Enjoy!
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november 2008 by per
Flash Components - User Interface - Flash Analogue Countdown Clock
An all-vector, scaleable Flash countdown clock movie (ActionScript 2.0). Counts down to a target date based on the user's system clock. Multiple versions included: 4-day/hours/minutes/seconds, 3-day/hours/minutes/seconds, 2-day/hours/minutes/seconds and hours/minutes/seconds. An 'end countdown' function can be configured within Flash.

Easily customizable: by editing an XML config file.
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november 2008 by per
The truth about flash in email - Campaign Monitor Blog
Flash was built for the browser, and based on these results - that's where it should stay.
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september 2008 by per
jQuery Flash Plugin
A jQuery plugin for embedding Flash movies.
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july 2008 by per
Open Flash Chart - Home
Hello, this is the Open Flash Chart project.
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december 2007 by per
The Learn List
The learn list is a super simple resource that aims to gather the best tutorial and book links from all over the web.
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august 2007 by per
» Flash Tutorials
Neat collection of flash tutorials and resources
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april 2007 by per
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