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Playbook – One place for all the best design thinking
Playbook is actionable career advice for designers.
design  career  community 
april 2018 by per
Your Interactive Makes Me Sick - Features - Source: An OpenNews project
Why your coolest scrolly features can cause problems, and what to do about it
a11y  design  scroll  animation 
march 2018 by per
The original US patent drawing for the Lego brick, filed 60 years ago
Godtfred Kirk Christiansen’s US patent application for the Lego toy building brick
lego  design 
february 2018 by per
Devices — Facebook Design Resources
Images and Sketch files of popular devices
design  sketch  resources 
january 2016 by per
Empty States
Delight users by designing the empty states.
design  ux 
march 2015 by per
What's your process for a project from start to finish? | Tavern
Everyone has a process. I'd really love to see what your process is from the moment you get requirements to the moment you hand it off to developers to pushing it live.

What works best in your process? What doesn't? How does your process differ from others?
process  design 
december 2014 by per
Material UI - Material Design React Components
A CSS Framework and a Set of React Components that Implement Google's Material Design
css  design  framework  webdesign 
november 2014 by per
Frame: Awesome Product Shots
Create great looking Product Mockups for free with Frame
design  tools 
september 2014 by per
iPhone 6 Screens Demystified
Few days ago, Apple introduced iPhone 6 Plus. The new iPhone substantially changes the way graphics are rendered on screen. We've made an infographic to demystify this.
iOS  design 
september 2014 by per
Trianglify by @qrohlf
Trianglify is a javascript library for generating colorful triangle meshes that can be used as SVG images and CSS backgrounds.
javascript  svg  web  design  background  tools 
april 2014 by per
Skala Color, a Mac color picker by Bjango
An extraordinary color picker for designers and developers
design  mac  software  color 
april 2014 by per - Home
a painstakingly curated presentation of the most well designed apps
design  iOS  apps  mobile  inspiration 
march 2014 by per
App Icon Template
This template includes quick rendering of all sizes, bundled textures and iOS 7 colors. Automatically rendered previews of your app icon in the app store and on the homescreen. It also includes the new golden ratio grid and easy export actions.
ios  ios7  design  icons  photoshop 
august 2013 by per
The Most Difficult Design Conversation You’ll Ever Have — What I Learned Today — Medium
What’s not true is that this is the most difficult design conversation you’ll ever have. That one comes six months down the road.

That conversation comes after you’ve done everything the client asked you to do, even the things you knew were terrible ideas. And the project fails, and the client calls you into their office and says “the project failed”. And you say “I knew it would, but I did everything you asked me to do anyway because I was scared of getting fired and scared of upsetting you.”

Because both of those things are about to happen, sport.
design  business  GOLDEN  clients 
august 2013 by per
Your Daily Dose of Inspiring 6sec Transitions and Animations Saved for Reference.
ux  patterns  design  webdesign 
june 2013 by per
groove25/DrawingKit · GitHub
A collection of scripts for Sketch
sketch  design  webdesign 
june 2013 by per
Atomic design
All matter, no matter how complex, can be broken down into molecules which can be broken down further into atomic elements. All web interfaces can be broken down down the same way. Atomic Design provides a methodology for building an effective design system. It consists of five distint stages: atoms, molecules, organisms, templates and pages.
design  webdesign  styleguide  patterns  process  workflow 
may 2013 by per
My app design workflow
Here it is — my complete iOS, Android and Mac app design workflow, starting from the first time you open Photoshop, to the app release and beyond.
design  workflow 
may 2013 by per
Nathaniel Deal • Death To The Waterfall
We need a new process based on smaller teams that are fluid and always changing, just like the technology we build with.
process  agency  design  webdesign  responsive 
april 2013 by per
Design Process is a Myth — Front Page Picks — Medium
Bad product design is fixed by hiring good designers not by adopting a better design process.
design  webdesign  process 
january 2013 by per
Makeappicon - Generate app icons of all sizes in a click!
This tool resizes and optimizes your icon designs into all formats needed for iOS and Android mobile app!
ios  android  design  icons  tools 
january 2013 by per
LukeW | An Event Apart: What Clients Don’t Know
In his presentation at An Event Apart in San Francisco SF 2012 Mike Monteiro outlined the problems with designer/client relationships and what designers should do to fix them. Here's my notes from his talk: What Clients Don’t Know (and Why It’s Your Fault).
design  process  clients 
november 2012 by per
Unlock - The Independent Publication for professional iOS Designers & Developers.
A quarterly publication specifically for iOS Designers and Developers working in the professional field.
ios  development  magazine  design 
september 2012 by per
ZURB Foundation Omnigraffle Stencil Sets - ZURB Playground -
Use our Foundation Omnigraffle stencils to develop Foundation mock-ups faster than ever before. They're available for Omnigraffle and as vector PDFs.
omnigraffle  wireframe  design  ux 
september 2012 by per
10 Steps To Designing An Amazing Infographic | Co.Design: business + innovation + design
Hyperakt’s Josh Smith takes us through the process of transforming data into a visually compelling graphic.
design  visualization  infographics 
july 2012 by per
Infotech Umeå - Mobil design i världsklass
Ett enastående tillfälle att återuppleva en föreläsning i absolut världsklass med designgurun Josh Clark som tar 120 utvecklare i Umeå med på en resa in i pekvänliga gränssnitt för mobila enheter. Här är filmerna från dagen!
ux  design  videos  presentation  mobile 
july 2012 by per
Open Baskerville
An source project to create a digital revival of the famous ‘Baskerville’ typefaces.
typography  opensource  design  from instapaper
july 2012 by per
The Designer's Survival Guide – Edited & Curated by Richard Baird
Advice for new and aspiring designers provided by industry professionals.
advice  design  reference 
june 2012 by per
Free Icons Set designed by Brankic1979 - Free psd
A set of 350 pixel perfect glyphs icons, perfect for apps, websites or just about anything you can think of.
icons  design  webdesign  resources 
june 2012 by per
5 Design Decision Making Styles | Van SEO Design
Unintentional — design that just happens
Self — designing for yourself
Genius — designing for others based on experience and research
Activity focused — design based on the activities users want to take
Experience focused — designing for the overall experience
design  process 
may 2012 by per
It’s Not Working For Me: #crit | Mark Boulton
From now on, when I critique design (or a product or something) on Twitter, I’m going to append the tweet with a #crit hash tag. This means I’m saying this within the rules of critique:
criticism  design  webdesign  process 
may 2012 by per
20 best iPad apps for designers | CreativeBloQ
We’ve spoken to Nicholas Patten, Dan Mall, Jeffrey Zeldman, Elliot Jay Stocks, Si Jobling, Ben Winter, Claudio Guglieri, D. Keith Robinson and Ajaz Ahmed, to find the iPad apps that they simply couldn’t live without.
ipad  apps  design 
may 2012 by per
The Camera Collection
A collection of 100 pixelated camera illustrations for anybody to download and use in whatever way they see fit.
pixel  design  illustration  creativecommons 
may 2012 by per
Så växer en sajt fram – inUse
Några av de moment som vi arbetar med när vi skapar en ny sajt.
process  ux  webdesign  design 
may 2012 by per
Responsive Web Design: Missing the Point | Brad Frost Web
The point of creating adaptive sites is to create functional (and hopefully optimal) user experiences for a growing number of web-enabled devices and contexts. It’s not because it’s “the right thing to do”. It’s not because it’s fun. It’s not because it’s trendy. It’s not so you can impress your boss by resizing a browser window.
responsive  webdesign  design  process 
april 2012 by per
The Great Discontent (TGD)
The Great Discontent is a journal focusing on creativity, risk, and what connects us as artists.
responsive  magazine  interview  design  blog 
april 2012 by per
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