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How We Build CMS-Free Websites | Development Seed and Jekyll enable building simple, flexible, and reliable without the overhead of dynamic CMSs
jekyll  cms  webdev  drupal 
august 2012 by per
Introducing Prose: A Content Editor for GitHub | Development Seed
Prose is a content editor for GitHub-hosted Jekyll sites. Together with GitHub Pages’ native Jekyll support, it makes editing content on a Jekyll site simple.
jekyll  github  cms  editor  git  workflow  blogging 
june 2012 by per
The Comprehensive Guide for a Powerful CMS using WordPress | Noupe
“The Comprehensive Guide for a Powerful CMS using WordPress”, a three-part series, an attempt to show off a number of WordPress features, tips, tutorials, hacks, plugins and best practices from the World’s Leading WordPress web-developers to be published in the coming weeks, with the first article coming this week.
wordpress  cms  reference 
june 2009 by per
Shell Social Network Playground | Test ground for social networking modules
Building a Social Networking site - 5.x
Building a Social Networking site - 6.x
drupal  socialnetworking  cms  drupalmodules 
february 2009 by per
Open Source and Free Puppies | Dries Buytaert
Annie Weinberger of Interwoven, a proprietary CMS vendor, launched some good old Open Source FUD comparing Open Source to a free puppy.
drupal  fud  opensource  cms 
december 2008 by per
Vitamin Features » Developing a better CMS
Drew Wilson’s been working on his Content Management Tool Firerift — he’s even built what might be the world’s first computer animated CMS commercial for it — and in the process has learned some things about developing a better CMS.
cms  firerift  webdev 
august 2008 by per
TinyMCE:Configuration/valid elements - Moxiecode Documentation Wiki
The valid_elements option defines which elements will remain in the edited text when the editor saves. You can use this to limit the returned HTML to a subset.
cms  tinymce  xhtml 
august 2007 by per

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