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Who I Want to Hire - The Passionate Programmer
There’s a person I want to work with. I can’t find this person. I’ve literally searched the world, and I can hardly find a trace.

I’m not talking about someone specific. In fact, that’s the problem. I’m talking about a set of traits and an attitude which is more scarce than I realized until recently. I know a small handful of people who fit what I’m looking for, but they’re busy and unavailable right now.
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april 2013 by per
Nathaniel Deal • Death To The Waterfall
We need a new process based on smaller teams that are fluid and always changing, just like the technology we build with.
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april 2013 by per
10 steg till att bli en bra beställare av Agila webbprojekt | Wunderkraut
Vad gör dig till en bra / dålig beställare och vad har du kontroll över under och innan ett projekt som beställare. Vi skulle vilja påstå att det är en hel del och vi pratade om det under DrupalCamp Stockholm den 8 mars 2013. Detta är det kompletterande blogg inlägget där vi försöker bryta ner det hela i text.
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april 2013 by per
The Offroadcode blog - How we use feature based development to give better quotes · Offroadcode
Ever since we started Offroadcode we've taken the stance of never giving fixed price quotes for projects. Some people think this is crazy but allow us to explain why it makes sense for clients and ourselves.
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may 2012 by per
RFP Advice From The Front Lines - Cognition: The blog of web design & development firm Happy Cog
Stop what you’re doing! John Conner sent me from the future to prevent you from authoring this RFP. I’ve seen the aftermath. Internal teams at odds over the redesigned site, users confused by an experience that somehow got more complicated, unreconciled technologies, hopes dashed, dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria.
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may 2012 by per
Build a Business, Not Just a Client List :: Tips :: The 99 Percent
The solution is to stop thinking like a "freelancer" and start thinking and acting like a creative entrepreneur.
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june 2010 by per
Creative Review - Design guidelines
Bland statements of intent can do designers more harm than good, says Craig Oldham. It’s vital that we stick to our beliefs.
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july 2009 by per
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