Glamorous Toolkit
Cool visual programming notebook
2 days ago
Remote work wiki
Notion's remote work wiki
5 days ago
How to Exercise During a Pandemic - The Atlantic
The Challenge of Working Out at a Proper Social Distance via Instapaper https://ift.tt/2IXQ6vW
IFTTT  Instapaper 
9 days ago
7 Essential Tips for Working From Home | Full-Stack Web Developer | Marc Backes | JavaScript, Node.js, Vue.js
7 Essential Tips for Working From Home | Full-Stack Web Developer | Marc Backes | JavaScript, Node.js, Vue.js via Instapaper https://ift.tt/2U1NROk
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10 days ago
faq - learnprogramming
Great list of resources for learning programming
11 days ago
How to Actually Use What You Read With Readwise: Part 3
How to Actually Use What You Read With Readwise: Part 3 via Instapaper https://ift.tt/2GwTuL3
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12 days ago
How to Actually Use What You Read with Readwise: Part 2
How to Actually Use What You Read with Readwise: Part 2 via Instapaper https://ift.tt/2KwtQvr
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12 days ago
How to Actually Use What You Read with Readwise
How to Actually Use What You Read with Readwise via Instapaper https://ift.tt/2r79Ggo
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12 days ago
Assessing State Capacity Libertarianism - Marginal REVOLUTION
Assessing State Capacity Libertarianism - Marginal REVOLUTION via Instapaper https://ift.tt/38ujMLC
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12 days ago
This article reminds me of posts about "bullet journalling" on sites like Pinter... | Hacker News
This article reminds me of posts about "bullet journalling" on sites like Pinterest: the optimization of the productivity process or tool (or in the case of "bullet journal" posts, the beauty of the tool) is the end itself, not a means to an end. The posts are about/by "productivity" or "journalling" enthusiasts and don't map well to people who are simply seeking a bit of an organization or productivity boost, not an extremely time-consuming new hobby.
The thing in this article that most reminded me about beauty-journalling posts was the todo list. In vanity journalling circles, the todo lists are full of meta-tasks "post to instagram; new journal layout; blog post about journalling" as well as pure vanity items like "yoga!; Breakfast: saffron avocado toast (yum!!)" Likewise, in this post his todo list includes items about writing about productivity, using other productivity tools, and other such "meta-productivity" items.

There's nothing wrong with this but it reveals that the "productivity" itself is the hobby, not just a means to an end.
23 days ago
Teaching Tech Together
How to create and deliver lessons that work
and build a teaching community around them
education  teaching  tech 
23 days ago
"I don't know where to start!" - YouTube
Preethi Kasireddy on how to go about learning
24 days ago
Septivium - Learn about everything
Cool site which has a bunch of links/articles to learning stuff.
learning  books  education 
28 days ago
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