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danistefanovic/build-your-own-x: 🤓 Build your own (insert technology here)
regular brain: I'll use Wordpress. galaxy brain: I'll write my own blog engine. universe brain: I'll write my own RDBMS!
learning  programming 
may 2018 by pb
Remains of the Day: Remove the legend to become one
Early Amazon employee discusses the evolution of Analytics and shares advice about data visualiztion.
programming  visualization  amazon  history 
november 2017 by pb
Spotify’s Discover Weekly: How machine learning finds your new music
Discovery Weekly is absolutely my favorite Spotify feature. Its picks are uncanny. Here's why.
ai  music  programming 
october 2017 by pb
Old Geek Jobs
This site that sprang out of a Hacker News discussion of a Tim Bray post is relevant to my interests.
labor  programming 
september 2016 by pb
AWS Tips, Tricks, and Techniques
Good list of ideas for setting up secure systems at AWS.
amazon  programming  security  aws 
february 2014 by pb
Learn X in Y Minutes
Get a quick overview of various programming languages in their own syntax.
programming  education 
august 2013 by pb
JSON Formatter & Validator
This handy browser app will format JSON so it's a bit more human-readable.
javascript  productivity  programming 
june 2012 by pb
This is a nice browser-based regular expression tester.
javascript  programming 
june 2012 by pb
Steven Frank: Notes: Home
Great collection of miscellaneous tech tips. I have a bunch of these in a text file too. I should make them public like this.
productivity  programming  development 
january 2012 by pb
Regular Expression Matching with a Trigram Index
Russ Cox explains how the retired Google Code Search used to work. It includes links to a similar project you can install locally to search code using the same method.
google  programming 
january 2012 by pb
Stack Overflow: Google Authenticator available as a public service?
Some good information here about using Google's iOS Authenticator app to implement 2-factor authentication at any website.
programming  security 
november 2011 by pb
Utility Mill: Regex_For_Range
It's not a great idea, but if you want to write a regular expression to define a numeric range, this tool makes it easier than doing it by hand.
october 2011 by pb
Unicode Characters as HTML Entities
Handy tables of unicode characters and their HTML entities broken into categories.
html  programming 
august 2011 by pb
Ethan Schoonover: Solarized
Solarized is a color palette for code editors. I've been using these colors in TextMate for a day or so and I'm enjoying it.
development  programming  productivity 
april 2011 by pb
Andre Torrez: An Empathic Plan
Good reminder: "Complain about the way other people make software by making software." Put another way: be the change in the world you want to see.
programming  psychology 
april 2011 by pb
"Find and explore 6124 books quoted on Stack Overflow and Hacker News."
books  development  programming 
february 2011 by pb
Programmable Web: Google’s Secret Weather API
"Dennis Delimarsky compared several weather APIs and decided that Google’s is best, despite having no documentation or support from the company." Looks nice!
google  weather  development  programming 
december 2010 by pb
EffectGames.com: Old School Color Cycling with HTML5
"This demo is an implementation of a full 8-bit color cycling engine, rendered into an HTML5 Canvas in real-time." Nice look at the lost video game art of color cycling to show movement.
javascript  art  programming  design 
august 2010 by pb
Gamma error in picture scaling
"There is an error in most photography scaling algorithms." Wha? This is hard to believe.
photography  programming  software 
july 2010 by pb
Coding Horror: So You'd Like to Send Some Email (Through Code)
Good primer on getting email for web applications set up.
email  programming  development 
april 2010 by pb
Simon Willison: A quote from Michal Migurski
"Nothing focuses the mind of the reporter like being asked to specify what exactly they’d like to see done, and it’s much easier for a developer to scan a list with actual tasks right in the sentence construction." Good advice for personal to-do lists too.
programming  software 
march 2010 by pb
"Unicode 5.0 encodes exactly 98,884 graphic characters on different planes...we collect information on every single character."
language  programming  type 
february 2010 by pb
nodnod: Adding straight single and double quotes to Inconsolata
Nice Inconsolata mod that straightens out the quotes. I use Inconsolata as my programming font, haven't noticed a quote problem, but I'll give this a shot.
programming  type 
january 2010 by pb
John Graham-Cumming: More fun with toys: the Ikea LILLABO Train Set
John used the Processing environment to calculate the number of track layouts possible with a simple train set from Ikea. I'll have to try these! [via Daddy Types]
programming  games  kids 
january 2010 by pb
Matt Kirman: Google Closure Compiler TextMate Bundle
A nice way to integrate Google Closure with TextMate. The trick to using it is selecting the file to compile from the TextMate Project Drawer.
google  development  programming 
january 2010 by pb
Closure Compiler Service
Google hosts a web version of their in-house JavaScript compiler/minifier. How did I not hear about this?
javascript  google  programming  development 
january 2010 by pb
Alex Payne: Don't Be A Hero
"...the hero is the most damaging person on a team, particularly on a team that’s supposed to be writing high-availability or otherwise mission-critical software." Interesting analysis of team dynamics. [via jessamyn]
productivity  programming  software 
january 2010 by pb
How To Ask Questions The Smart Way
I find myself referring to this classic by Eric Raymond frequently. I can't believe I haven't bookmarked it already.
programming  productivity  writing  development 
october 2009 by pb
GitHub: briancollins's nice_find
A TextMate plugin that provides a better "find within project" feature. Nice!
development  programming  software 
october 2009 by pb
Cacheability Engine
"To help you understand how Web Caches will treat a Web page, the Cacheability Engine will look at a URL (and optionally any images or objects associated with it), giving both specific cache-related data about it, and a general commentary on how cacheable the object is."
development  programming 
october 2009 by pb
Raymond Camden: Error Handling in ColdFusion
Nice, quick guide to setting ColdFusion error-handlers for public applications.
coldfusion  programming  security  development 
september 2009 by pb
Performance tuning for ColdFusion applications
Some good ways to improve ColdFusion application performance. Doing a lot of these already, but picked up a few new coding practices I should follow.
coldfusion  programming 
august 2009 by pb
Superfeedr : Real-time feed parsing in the cloud for web-developers
"Superfeedr is Real-time Feed Parsing in the Cloud." Great idea that could help build specialized aggregators. Bummed it's ATOM at the end. I'd prefer RSS.
rss  development  programming 
august 2009 by pb
mnot's Web log: Counting the ways that rev="canonical" hurts the Web
"...the rev mechanism is very powerful and very tricky, because while it doesn’t change the semantics of a link relation, it does change the relationships between the parties, with many consequences that aren’t obvious." Good arguments against using rev-canonical for short URLs. (pssst, Flickr!) [via delfuego]
programming  html 
august 2009 by pb
Silent Diving Seagulls
An XMPP Interface for Desktop Notifications. Like Growl for web apps using an open standard. (Does Growl do this?)
design  development  mac  programming 
august 2009 by pb
Ajaxian: MySpace open source performance tool for IE
This looks like a nice performance plugin for IE8 by the folks at MySpace. (That sentence doesn't sound right.)
javascript  programming 
june 2009 by pb
Hivelogic - Top 10 Programming Fonts
10 typefaces for programming. I'm trying out their top pick--Inconsolata--and I like it so far. [via protherj]
programming  development  type 
june 2009 by pb
Command-line Fu: Popular
People share and vote for their favorite command-line snippets at this site, and these are the most popular. Didn't know about "sudo !!"--that's worth the price of admission right there.
hacks  mac  programming 
march 2009 by pb
Dynamic Search Conditions in T-SQL (SQL 2005 and earlier)
Great article about different approaches to dynamic WHERE clauses in SQL.
programming  sql 
february 2009 by pb
Infovore: Learning to Think Like A Programmer
Tom Armitage on journalists learning to code: "Learn to think like a programmer. What’s really important is to not understand how to do magical things with code, but to learn what magical things are possible, what the necessary inputs for that magic are, and who to ask to do it." [via rc3.org]
media  programming 
january 2009 by pb
Charles on: New journalists should learn to code
"None of which is saying you shouldn’t be talking to your sources, and questioning what you’re told, and trying to find other means of finding stuff out from people. But nowadays, computers are a sort of primary source too. You’ve got to learn to interrogate them effectively - and quote them meaningfully - too." [via migurski]
media  programming 
january 2009 by pb
Adactio: The password anti-pattern
"...asking users to input their email address and password from a third-party site like GMail or Yahoo Mail is completely unacceptable." This is still so true, and I'm surprised sites like Facebook haven't been shamed into changing their "Find People" features.
privacy  identity  programming  security  email 
january 2009 by pb
Wikipedia: Levenshtein distance
A way of measuring the difference, or "edit distance" between two strings.
programming  development 
december 2008 by pb
Freedom to Tinker: Cheap CAPTCHA Solving Changes the Security Game
One question that Ed misses: do we want to have a group of people whose job is to sit around and solve captchas all day? If raising transaction costs works, move it to the world of money by charging a fee instead of relying on outsourced human attention.
programming  ethics  security 
september 2008 by pb
Eclipse plugin for ColdFusion development.
coldfusion  development  programming 
july 2008 by pb
Interview with Alan Taylor, Creator of Boston Globe's The Big Picture - Waxy.org
Andy Baio interviews Alan Taylor about his amazing new blog The Big Picture. I'm surprised there wasn't more resistance at The Globe.
photography  programming  future  media 
june 2008 by pb
Google REST Search API
JSON for search results. Not a full replacement of the old SOAP API, but might be worth hacking around with on the server side.
google  javascript  programming 
june 2008 by pb
This Psychologist Might Outsmart the Math Brains Competing for the Netflix Prize
Wired on the Netflix data mining challenge, and an unlikely competitor.
programming  psychology  science 
march 2008 by pb
For my Perl to Python needs.
programming  python  perl 
february 2008 by pb
Laughing Meme: Flickr Place IDs
Flickr opens up their geo stuff a bit. [via waxy]
flickr  programming  geo  webservices 
january 2008 by pb
Beautiful Code
New book-companion website from O'Reilly about good code.
books  programming  weblogs  productivity 
july 2007 by pb
Learning ColdFusion 8: Implicit Struct And Array Creation
Ben Nadel provides an overview of some new Perl-ish array stuff in CF 8.
coldfusion  programming 
june 2007 by pb
OpenID Enabled: Simple Registration Extension
Here's the "sreg stuff" for OpenID. Avatars aren't mentioned in the spec.
development  identity  programming 
april 2007 by pb
Vitamin Features: Serving JavaScript Fast
Cal on caching, chunking, compression, and integrating all of the above with a workflow.
css  javascript  php  programming 
april 2007 by pb
Open source remote desktop client for Windows RDC on Mac OS X. Handy if you need to manage Windows servers from Mac. I hear it's more stable than the official Microsoft RDC client for Macs.
programming  mac  software 
april 2007 by pb
HTML Purifier
PHP code for validating/filtering HTML input.
php  programming  security 
march 2007 by pb
this site maintains a database of md5 hashes and the original text. This is a good starting point for decrypting these supposedly one-way hashes. If you're storing passwords as md5 hashes, don't forget the salt.
hacks  security  identity  programming 
february 2007 by pb
Independent: Want to know your readers? Better go and live with them
Tired: focus groups. Wired: immersion research. Ugh, when will people stop agreeing to be guinea pigs for marketers? If a marketer asks to live with you, say no. [via SOTD]
marketing  media  psychology  programming 
february 2007 by pb
The power of ColdFusion and Textmate
If you do any ColdFusion development (shut up!), you should check out this CF Textmate add-on. With this + Transmit, I prefer TextMate to HomeSite now for writing CF.
programming  software  development  coldfusion 
january 2007 by pb
REST Web Services (the book)
Leonard Richardson and Sam Ruby are writing a book about designing REST web services.
webservices  books  programming 
december 2006 by pb
REST for toddlers [dive into mark]
could be titled--everything you need to know about parenting you can learn from HTTP response codes. [via nelson]
programming  joke  language 
december 2006 by pb
joshbuhler.com: Setting up the Subversion Client on Mac OS X
handy guide for installing/integrating subversion with the Mac Finder, and the svnX GUI.
development  mac  programming  software 
november 2006 by pb
SWFUpload beta
Flash upload progress thingy for web apps. [via mathowie]
design  development  flash  programming 
november 2006 by pb
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