Design in Tech Report
John Maeda reports design trends revolutionizing the entrepreneurial and corporate ecosystems in tech.
5 days ago
Emoji Archives
Dictionary.com writes down what we're all thinking when we use certain emoji.
language  joke 
11 days ago
Why I Quit Google to Work for Myself
"Wait a second. *I* was in a business relationship with Google."
google  career 
12 days ago
To solve problems caused by sitting, learn to squat — Quartzy
First bending over at the waist, now squatting! What else am I doing wrong!?
health  hacks 
19 days ago
Everytown for Gun Safety
The Movement to End Gun Violence
politics  life 
4 weeks ago
He Predicted The 2016 Fake News Crisis. Now He's Worried About An Information Apocalypse.
"It'll only take a couple of big hoaxes to really convince the public that nothing’s real."
media  ethics 
4 weeks ago
Slack is the opposite of organizational memory
A little over the top but there are some things to think about here.
5 weeks ago
David Rawlings: 2018 | WFUV
Videos of a studio performance with Gillian Welch, Willy Watson, Paul Kowert and Brittany Haas.
5 weeks ago
Automatic visual diffing with Puppeteer – Monica Dinculescu
Neat idea, test web apps with headless chrome screenshot diffs.
5 weeks ago
Diamond - Access Everything
Search across cloud storage services.
6 weeks ago
Not Pulp Covers • gameraboy1: Supertrain (1979)
Paging Mr. Roderick. Mr. John Roderick, please pick up a courtesy phone.
tv  supertrain 
6 weeks ago
Easing Gradients
Yes! Easing Gradients are the best.
6 weeks ago
Social media is giving us trypophobia | TechCrunch
"Social media is not connective tissue but engineered segmentation that treats each pair of human eyeballs as a discrete unit to be plucked out and separated off from its fellows."
social  media  facebook  twitter 
7 weeks ago
Know Your Ecosystems! – Track Changes
yeah, but I don't want to accept that the giants are it forever. meh.
iphone  privacy  mindfulness  infrastructure 
7 weeks ago
a decentralized social networking protocol
decentralization  web 
7 weeks ago
A nice collection of naming resources
8 weeks ago
How to Deal With Bad Design Suggestions
8 ways to handle bad design suggestions
8 weeks ago
Social Media, the "Dopamine Loop," and the Role of the Software Engineer | naked capitalism
Lambert Strether on social media addiction and a theory about why we like cat videos.
design  ethics 
8 weeks ago
*occasional notes from your favorite person
blogs  weblogs  active 
9 weeks ago
Washington Monthly | How to Fix Facebook—Before It Fixes Us
Social media companies should be regulated and an early Facebook investor and adviser has some ideas about how.
facebook  twitter  politics 
9 weeks ago
Lost Context: How Did We End Up Here? – NewCo Shift
The state of modern targeting advertising and how we got here.
facebook  google  history  marketing 
9 weeks ago
Facebook Can’t Be Fixed. – NewCo Shift
John Battelle lays out two paths that Facebook can take.
9 weeks ago
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