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Serverless: password protecting a static website in an AWS S3 bucket
Update: This is not the case any more. Lambda@Edge now officially supports network access for viewer request/response events. This means, that it is now totally possible to manage credentials in a DynamoDB table or use any external API/provider to authenticate users, as long as the network call takes less than 5s to complete.
nov18  aws  cloudfront  lambda  s3  security 
10 weeks ago by payne
My $169 development Chromebook
This makes my weekend!

Kenneth White's blog post: My $169 development Chromebook
dec17  chromebook  development  laptop  security 
december 2017 by payne
Java Coders Are Getting Bad Security Advice From Stack Overflow - Slashdot
new developer tools which can recognize security errors and suggest patches.
oct17  java  security 
october 2017 by payne
Mosh: the mobile shell
removes the annoying part of VPN disconnections
ssh  security  shell  terminal  sep16 
september 2016 by payne
security-guide-for-developers/ at master · FallibleInc/security-guide-for-developers · GitHub
RT @iPatrickStevens: security-guide-for-developers/ at master · FallibleInc/security-guide-for-developers · GitHub
aug16  web  webdev  tutorial  security  checklist 
august 2016 by payne
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