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Now you can use Graphviz positional data for your D3.js visualizations or whatever you can think of.
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october 2013 by payne
Reasonably Logical » Things every practicing software engineer should aim to know
Design Patterns: transactions, map/filter, task/dependency graphs, compensating actions/RAII, self checked optimizations, log structured data, visitors, strategy/policy patterns, stateless request/response, state as arguments, data versioning for consistency in distributed systems, factories, builders for value types, adaptors, proxy objects (and their dangers!), command/action patterns (i.e. undo, easy commit semantics), domain specific languages and their interpreters and/or just in time compilers

(Optional) Light Weight Verification: symbolic execution, conciliatory testing, happens before race detection, lock set race detectors, weakest precondition, verification conditions

I doubt most programmers will have a clue what any of these are. Before spending two years at Berkeley, I sure didn’t! I think that says unfortunate things about the field and how slow we are to migrate good ideas from academia, but that’s an entirely different discussion.
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october 2013 by payne
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