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Cafe Bedouins - Austin, Texas
It's a time to work on that personal project. A place to found that side business you've been thinking about. Finally get around to that open source project you want to help. To write that masterpiece you've been perfecting in your head.
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july 2013 by payne
Cafe Bedouins - Austin Pair Programming Circle (Austin, TX) - Meetup
Hi all! I am stepping down as organizer of this group, as there is a meetup called Cafe Bedouins that is very similar and meets every Tuesday. Find out more info at

At Bedouins, people work on side-projects and also pair with one another if they're struggling or looking to learn a new skill. Since they have ongoing meetups, I figured it would make sense for us to just join forces. However, if anyone would like to step in and also organize a Bedouins on a different day of the week/diff location, feel free to take over organizer duties of this group or rally the existing Bedouins folks!

You can contact @cafebedouins on Twitter.
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july 2013 by payne

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