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The Bayesian Conspiracy: Executing arbitrary SQL on CSV files.
The Bayesian Conspiracy is a multinational, interdisciplinary, and shadowy group of scientists. It is rumored that at the upper levels of the Bayesian Conspiracy exist nine silent figures known only as the Bayes Council.

This blog is produced by James Durbin, a Bayesian Initiate.
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january 2014 by payne
About GeoNames
The GeoNames geographical database is available for download free of charge under a creative commons attribution license. It contains over eight million geographical names and consists of 6.5 million unique features whereof 2.2 million populated places an
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march 2008 by payne
Monkeygrease » Overview
Monkeygrease is a very simple servlet filter that will allow a web developer to inject JavaScript, CSS or other elements within a web page. This concept was inspired by the popular Greasemonkey extension for the Mozilla Firefox browser.
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december 2007 by payne

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