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Analyzing Kafka data streams with Spark | Object Partners
This blog describes a Spark Streaming application which consumes event data from a Kafka topic to provide continuous, near real-time processing and analysis of the event data stream. The demonstration application, written in Java 8 and runnable on a local host, uses a Spark direct connection to Kafka, and consumes the 911 calls as they are published to the topic. This example can be adapted to create applications capable of providing fast analysis and alerting of conditions of interest contained within a data stream.
kafka  spark  java  oct16  TOTRY  TOREAD 
october 2016 by payne
Ask Slashdot: Does Your Employer Perform HTTPS MITM Attacks On Employees? - Slashdot
This January, here in Portugal, things like that just became totally illegal, punishable with prison sentence.
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march 2014 by payne
There are page numbers in this presentation! Nifty!!!
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december 2013 by payne
Career and skills advice - Jon Skeet: Coding Blog
Write code and then look back on it - ideally after significantly different periods of time. Code that appears "cool" today can feel immature or self-serving six months later.
career  toread  skills  sep13 
september 2013 by payne
jquery - JavaScript data grid for millions of rows - Stack Overflow
I need to present millions of rows of data to users in a grid using JavaScript.
jan13  jquery  javascript  performance  toread 
january 2013 by payne
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