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Lifestream for Wordpress
Lifestream is a plugin built on top of the WordPress platform. It allows you to effortlessly integrate your social network activity across the web with your blog.
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november 2010 by pax
Twitter Digest
Twitter Digest lets you read Twitter updates in a more manageable fashion. You can see all updates made by your selection of users during the past full day. At midnight, a new set of updates rolls over. Somehow similar to
tool  twitter  aggregator  google  rss  service  tools 
february 2010 by pax
an Automated, opensource Lifestream Blog Software. Self-hosted, opensource.
php  opensource  social  aggregator  rss  geeky  lifestream  blogging  OSS 
august 2008 by pax
A convention of implementing Twitter global tags / channels by prepending keywords with "#"
aggregator  flickr  rss  social  twitter  web2.0  geeky 
march 2008 by pax
RSS to Twitter
Cron script to publish your site rss to twitter
php  rss  opensource  webdevelopment  script  OSS 
march 2008 by pax
Post your [blog] feeds to twitter
rss  web2.0  networking  geeky 
february 2008 by pax
Feed Merge Services
[5] feed merging services list
rss  webmaster  useful  tool  blog  aggregator 
august 2007 by pax
feed agreggator something, interesting I still have to figure it out if/how cant it be really useful
aggregator  blog  development  generator  rss  online  sharing  tool  webmaster 
august 2007 by pax
resurse rss
list of rss related / focused websites
rss  repository 
august 2007 by pax
RSS Submissions
another list of rss feed submission sites
free  blog  rss  directory  webmaster 
september 2006 by pax - RSS to IM service
sneds new RSS feeds items over the IM of your choice (ICQ, YHM, MSN, Jabber)
lifehacks  service  free  online  aggregator  tool  rss 
november 2005 by pax

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