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Five Tailors
Custom tailored designs for your startup
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november 2014 by pax
Romania - Television Tropes & Idioms
This wiki is a catalog of the tricks of the trade for writing fiction.
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january 2012 by pax
Interviuri cu meșteri gospodari, ctitori, oameni dibaci în digital. I-am întrebat despre obiceiuri și apucături specifice relației cu tastatura.
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november 2010 by pax
art battlefield
Noper vs Ghica Popa. Art showdown between 2 cool illustrators from Romania
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february 2010 by pax
Fără titlu (după 20 de ani)
In urma cu exact 20 de ani, sperantele tuturor romanilor se concentrasera in acel cerc taiat. Un gest atat de simplu stersese, cel putin simbolic, trecutul, dandu-ne sansa sa ne construim singuri viitorul si sa umplem acel gol.

Pe 22 decembrie 2009 am vrut sa aduc un omagiu tuturor celor care in ’89 au facut acest lucru posibil.

Multumiri Domnului Prof. Voicescu (ultima poza) pe care l-am intalnit la televiziune si care a acceptat sa fie fotografiat.

PS: Cercul din poze nu reprezinta bucata taiata dintr-un steag din ‘89, ci cea care i-a luat locul in prezent, de aici lipsa stemei socialiste.

Untitled (after 20 years)
Exactly 20 years ago, the hopes of all Romanians laid in this cut circle, the symbol of the 1989 Romanian Revolution. This simple gesture had, at least symbolically, erased the past, giving us, the Romanian people, the chance to build a future of our own and fill that hole.

On the 22nd of December 2009, I wanted to pay a tribute to all of those who in ‘89 made this possible.

The photos are taken in hotspots of the Revolution in Bucharest: House of the Free Press, National Television building, Romana Square, Ministry of Internal Affairs building (the former Central Committee of the Communist Party, from which Ceausescu escaped by helicopter on the 22nd of December 1989), University Square / National Theatre Building, House of the Parliament, Victoria Square / Romanian Government building.

Many thanks to Prof. Voiculescu (the gentleman in the last photo) whom I met in front of the National Television building and who accepted to be photographed.
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december 2009 by pax
Andrei Carcea
art direction|design|motion - in Brasov
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september 2008 by pax
Alexandru Cristache
yet another design-centric blog. neat wp theme
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february 2008 by pax
Rainfall - Romanian design agency
Branding, interactive design & applications. Smooth work.
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february 2008 by pax
Ze List
cele mai populare blog-uri din romania - top saptamanal
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september 2007 by pax
Bucharest specific useful info - yahoo maps mash-up
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august 2007 by pax
nice design portofolio
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october 2006 by pax
Magazine for Arts and Civil Society in Central Europe
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january 2006 by pax
online romanian young art exhibition
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february 2005 by pax
Kevin Mitnick in Bucharest
As featured on IDC IT Security Roadshow CEE 2005 · Securing Business Resilience Conference
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february 2005 by pax
PhotoRaid 2004 - Shooting at the gates - Fortified saxon churches in Transylvania
for 9 days in July, 7 photographers of the Mioritics Association have covered a circuit that included 60 fortified churches in the area of Sighisoara - Medias - Sibiu - Agnita.
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november 2004 by pax

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