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platform for acquiring, integrating, cleansing, analyzing and publishing data on the web
data  mining  api  research  visualization  scraping  data  from delicious
january 2012 by pax
stamen design | Projects
maker of cool GIS mapping and data visualization projects
web  flash  portfolio  research  visualization  ui  agency  mapping  cool  gis 
february 2010 by pax
10 Useful Usability Findings and Guidelines
tips and research conclusions that may help you improve the user experience on your websites.
design  tips  usability  guide  ui  research  webdev  typography  ux  interface  layout  guidelines 
september 2009 by pax
directory | AggData
Geolocated thematic lists. US related.
research  gis  visualization 
september 2009 by pax
Hedonic treadmill
The tendency of a person to remain at a relatively stable level of happiness despite a change in fortune or the achievement of major goals. According to the hedonic treadmill, as a person makes more money, expectations and desires rise in tandem, which results in no permanent gain in happiness.
wikipedia  dictionary  lexic  definition  psychology  research  theory  Philosophy 
september 2009 by pax
Happiness: A buyer’s guide - The Boston Globe
Money can improve your life, but not in the ways you think
blog  tips  lifehacks  psychology  article  money  science  health  Philosophy  research 
september 2009 by pax
shows you what people are reading on Wikipedia, based on the actual usage data from the Wikimedia servers
wikipedia  reference  social  research  trends  stats  visualization  analytics  mashup  ranking 
april 2009 by pax
Cornell Modern Indonesia Collection
CMIP was initiated in the 1950s by faculty members in Cornell's Southeast Asia Program who were committed to making contemporary analyses of Indonesia and translations of its important documents available to scholars and students.
indonesia  research  social  java  repository  resource 
march 2009 by pax
The Next-Generation Research Tool | Firefox extension to help you collect, manage, and cite your research sources
plugin  firefox  research  web  aggregator  productivity  reference 
january 2009 by pax
TED: Ideas worth spreading
TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design. It started out (in 1984) as a conference bringing together people from those three worlds. Since then its scope has become ever broader.
design  research  science  reference  development 
august 2007 by pax
The Baby Name Wizard: NameVoyager
Statistitcs of most used baby names through decades
experiment  flash  generator  research  social 
june 2005 by pax

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