Forums Made Simple
community  cms  forum  php  OSS  webdev 
19 hours ago
Node.js Headless CMS for building customizable API.
cms  api  framework  node.js 
19 hours ago
Create Beautiful Forms, Fast
marketing  SAS  premium  forms 
Creating business solutions to poverty for over three decades
built w Craft CMS
inspiration  layout  design  ngo  webdev 
Craft CMS
alternative to wp?
cms  php  webdev 
This site hosts the lessons for LearnDB, a project that teaches you how to create a database system from scratch with Node.js and JavaScript.
database  tutorial  guide  javascript  node.js  webdev 
13 days ago
The easiest way to create Facebook Messenger bot
bot  facebook  im-bot 
13 days ago
'I can understand the content of any photograph and I’ll try to describe it as well as any human.'
AI  bot  ML 
14 days ago
WordPlate is a modern WordPress stack built with Composer. It simplifies the fuzziness around WordPress development.
wordpress  framework  wp-themes 
23 days ago
Open-Source CMS for Static Site
static-CMS  cms 
28 days ago
The Art Institute of Chicago
The Art Institute of Chicago Has Put 50,000 High-Res Images from Their Collection Online
stock-design  art  open  public-domain 
4 weeks ago
Emoji Animator
creates animated gif from list of emoji
jsfiddle  js  javascript  emoji  script 
4 weeks ago
Plupload is JavaScript API for building file uploaders. It supports multiple file selection, file filtering, chunked upload, client side image downsizing and when necessary can fallback to alternative runtimes, like Flash and Silverlight. http://www.plupload.com
github  javascript  webdev  js  js-plugin 
5 weeks ago
We are a community of makers
community  coworking  start-up  reference  forum 
5 weeks ago
A zero-configuration #0CJS developer toolkit for building WordPress Gutenberg block plugins.
wp  wp-plugins 
5 weeks ago
GADM wants to map the administrative areas of all countries, at all levels of sub-division.
gis  mapping  repository  leaflet.js 
6 weeks ago
online Font generator
Build, Share, Download Fonts
typography  font  fonts  design  stock-design  repository 
7 weeks ago
Open Location Codes
geocode system for identifying an area anywhere on the Earth
gis  mapping 
10 weeks ago
The Architect's Newspaper is the most authoritative voice on architecture and design in the United States.
design  wp-themes  inspiration  ddd:next  layout 
11 weeks ago
native alternatives
'People choose popular projects, often not because it applies to their problems'
reference  list  js  javascript  webdev  cheatsheet  programming 
12 weeks ago
Galiboo - Music A.I. API
searching for music with natural language - extracting hundreds of moods & emotions from any track - finding tracks by tags - get similar-sounding music - and more
music  ai  audio  api 
september 2018
Tone.js is a framework for creating interactive music in the browser. It provides advanced scheduling capabilities, synths and effects, and intuitive musical abstractions built on top of the Web Audio API.
audio  javascript  js  library  music  webdev 
september 2018
Developer-first Project Management for Teams on GitHub
Trello like
kanban  trello  productivity  project-management 
september 2018
Source Spreadsheets and Data Grids written in JavaScript
list  repository  js  javascript  js-plugin  cms  OSS  webdev 
september 2018
Waymarked Trails
gps tracks: hiking, cycling, mtb, riding, skating, slopes
gis  travel  OSM  mapping 
september 2018
DEV Community 👩‍💻👨‍💻
Where software engineers connect, build their resumes, and grow.
PWA  blog  news  webdev 
august 2018
Collector's Network | Your Items and Collections Online
inspiration  design  layout  webdev 
august 2018
Self-hosted file sync – alternative to Dropbox, Google Drive
google-docs  google-drive  dropbox 
august 2018
Human-Powered Flight Search
flights  travel 
july 2018
Tailwind CSS
A Utility-First CSS Framework for Rapid UI Development
css  framework  css-framework  ui  webdev 
july 2018
The Vue Handbook
a thorough introduction to Vue.js
vue.js  js  javascript  tutorial  guide  webdev 
july 2018
google analytics alternative
simple, trustworthy website analytics
see also https://matomo.org/
analytics  webdev  tracking 
july 2018
Outline - Team wiki & knowledge base
Team wiki, documentation, meeting notes, playbooks, onboarding, work logs, brainstorming, & more…
collaboration  opensource  project-management 
july 2018
Interneting Is Hard
Friendly web development tutorials for complete beginners
tutorial  guide  webdev 
june 2018
simple mockup presentation
screenshot  presentation  mockup 
june 2018
Drag and Drop Mobile App Builder for iOS and Android
mobile-app-dev  mobile-apps  mobile 
june 2018
An alternate cartography for google maps based on architectural blueprints.
google-maps  mapping  leaflet.js  UX  webdev  github 
may 2018
The Beginning and End of all your travels
travel  travel-guide 
may 2018
200+ Resources & Tools for Digital Nomads
remote-work  digital-nomads  list  repository  resource 
may 2018
SVG Animation Creator - Animate and Export SVG
animation  svg  tool 
may 2018
Free stock music for your videos
audio  music  royalty-free  free 
may 2018
GDPR Compliance Checklist
Make Sure Your Website Plays By the Rules:
gdpr  data-protection  privacy 
may 2018
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