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Favorite: Flipboard, by Johan Larsson
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august 2015 by pauljacobson
What Blogging Has Become - The Atlantic
What has happened to blogging? Publishing has become increasingly centralized and more control has passed to Facebook and other social publishers. This trend doesn't bode well for independent publishers but, then again, do they have much of a choice?
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march 2015 by pauljacobson
The Daily Beast
""It's a speedy, smart edit of the web from the merciless point of view of what interests the editors. The Daily Beast is the omnivorous friend who hears about the best stuff and forwards it to you with a twist."
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october 2008 by pauljacobson
Google 2.0: Google Universal Search
This is fascinating. Here is a pretty comprehensive post about Google's new universal search which you can see through to a degree. I don't think the functionality has trickled down to the site yet.
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may 2007 by pauljacobson
WordPress › Blog » WordPress 2.2
WordPress 2.2 has been released with some pretty cool upgrades including integrated widget management. Looking forward to the upgrade when I have a chance (half a dozen WP blogs to upgrade can take a little time).
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may 2007 by pauljacobson
Sunday Times - Columnists - David Bullard
David Bullard sees blogging as air guitar by journalist wannabes ...
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may 2007 by pauljacobson
Six Apart - News and Events
Interesting news items including Vox, OpenID and blogging from the Six Apart blog
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march 2007 by pauljacobson
Facebook Goes Mobile
So Facebook has joined a bunch of other social media sites in developing a mobile application.
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january 2007 by pauljacobson
The Podcast Brothers
This site has a podcaster template library with document templates for a variety of needs. They are designed for the US market so shouldn't be copied and pasted into South African documents.
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january 2007 by pauljacobson
Contagious Magazine
"Contagious is a quarterly intelligence briefing in magazine, DVD and online format. It identifies the ideas, trends and innovations behind the world’s most revolutionary marketing strategies."
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december 2006 by pauljacobson
News Map
Find news by its location. A very cool local site!
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december 2006 by pauljacobson
Parliamentary Monitoring Group - Parliament of South Africa monitored
Monitoring parliamentary committees and has a fair amount of information on legislation in progress
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december 2006 by pauljacobson
M&G Between the Pages
The new Mail & Guardian blog. Change your bookmarks now!
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december 2006 by pauljacobson and The Holy Grail of Searching Within Videos
This is pretty interesting, searching within videos. This is a review of on the Read/Write Web blog.
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december 2006 by pauljacobson
Cherryflava is a web magazine dedicated to hot new trends emerging in business, marketing, advertising and fresh thinking that's igniting a creative revolution - published daily from Cape Town.
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december 2006 by pauljacobson - Scientists Levitate Small Animals
So how long until we have bigger transportation devices that levitate?
Bookmarks  science  technology  levitation  Interesting  news  cool  video  physics 
november 2006 by pauljacobson
Environmental Health News: Front Page
This looks like a pretty good environmental health news site worth bookmarking.
Bookmarks  health  Environment  news  search  environmental  information  design  reference  nature  science 
november 2006 by pauljacobson
Business 2.0 BETA
This is a pretty interesting development. This site is an aggregator of a number of Business 2.0 blogs run by Business 2.0 writers.
Bookmarks  business2.0  blogging  aggregator  web2.0  technology  news 
november 2006 by pauljacobson
Gizmodo, The Gadget Blog
Gizmodo, the gadget guide. So much in love with shiny new toys, its unnatural.
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october 2006 by pauljacobson
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