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Data Protection | ICO
Great resource for data protection information, case studies and statistics
informationcommissionersoffice  dataprotection  unitedkingdom  regulator  privacy  oversight  regulation  education  information  law 
march 2014 by pauljacobson
5 Lawsuits At The Collision of Social Media and The Law
OK, we’ll admit it. We like rubbernecking at the collision of social media and the law as much as the next law news provider. But we’re not in it for the shock value. Rather, we find it…
toread  socialmedia  law  cases  casestudy  legal  trends 
october 2013 by pauljacobson
Aaron Swartz's family releases statement, blames overreaching prosecutors for his untimely death | The Verge
The family of famed Reddit co-founder and political activist Aaron Swartz has released a statement following the 26-year-old's suicide on Friday. via Pocket
IFTTT  Pocket  law 
january 2013 by pauljacobson
Protection of personal data - Justice
Information about European privacy law and how the legal frameworks have changed over time.
popia  law  legislation  data_protection  personal_information  privacy  european_commission  privacy_EU_European_Union  europe 
september 2012 by pauljacobson
Lisa Thornton Inc
This is the website of Lisa Thornton Inc and includes information about Lisa Thornton Inc and the services and products offered.
telecommunications  southafrica  law  lisathornton 
november 2009 by pauljacobson
Stopping the ACTA Juggernaut | Electronic Frontier Foundation
"The ACTA juggernaut continues to roll ahead, despite public indignation about an agreement supposedly about counterfeiting that has turned into a regime for global Internet regulation. The Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR) has already announced that the next round of Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) negotiations will take place in January — with the aim of concluding the deal "as soon as possible in 2010.""
acta  eff  policy  copyright  lawmaking  law 
november 2009 by pauljacobson
OverFlow Legal
'Like you, we love being part of the discussion when it comes to the business of law, new legal cases within our practice areas and the future of legal practice in the information age. The journey we take as aspiring lawyers, established legal professionals or observers of the legal profession is more interesting than a book full of case law and statutes.

Like you we struggle to keep up with the overflow of legal information generated by all forms of internet media. We ask one simple question. Isn't it time to match the intellect of human discretion with the content generation potential of Web 2.0 technology? was born of a belief that (1) only human beings can properly edit, categorize and evaluate content for quality, (2) properly categorized and user-rated news feeds (RSS) are better than Google search, and (3) Dynamic legal content is "in" -- Westlaw and Lexis are "out."'
overflow  legalinformation  law  stories  usergeneratedcontent  legalstories  legalnews  pligg 
october 2009 by pauljacobson
Radiohead to Testify Against the RIAA | TorrentFreak
The music industry is getting out of hand. The fact that an artist is prepared to give evidence against the industry reveals a disconnect between the artists and the organisations that claim to represent them.
riaa  radiohead  testify  piracy  trial  court  law  music  artists 
april 2009 by pauljacobson
Times fails to overturn 'internet publication rule' in court case | Media |
'In a decision condemned by media lawyers, the court rejected arguments in favour of a "single publication rule", prevalent in the US, where defendants can only be sued once for publishing a defamatory statement.'
thetimes  europeancourtofhumanrights  libel  internetpublication  freedomofexpression  freedomofthepress  singlepublicationrule  law  internetandthelaw  getsmarter  module8 
march 2009 by pauljacobson
Twitter / Richard Mulholland: @pauljacobson dude, the in ...
@pauljacobson dude, the incentive should be resolution. It's not, for most lawyers the incentive lies in protraction.
twitter  richmulholland  incentive  fees  lawyers  law  quote 
february 2009 by pauljacobson
Karasma Media by Kara Smith: Law Firms Are Redesigning their Billable Hours Business Platform
"In this new era of legal firm business, prospective clients are actually going to let you know when they are ready to engage by initiating the call. Social media is at the heart of this conversation, and when they do call, they’re going to be ready to enlist your services. You aren’t going to have to win them over."
lawfirms  law  firms  lawfirm  billablehours  feestructure  socialmedia  economicdownturn  recession 
february 2009 by pauljacobson
4 Realistic Things You Should Know on International Data Privacy Day - ReadWriteWeb
"Though data privacy is a big issue these days - it's not a whole lot of fun to think about. We offer below a list of four things you should make sure to know about regarding privacy, including some pointers to discussions of how the privacy situation today is more complicated than a traditional approach to privacy protection may allow for. We're not going to focus on how to get your tin foil hat to use PGP encryption, we've got a short list of things that all of us realistically should know about for a baseline of online privacy awareness."
privacy  tips  guide  protection  protectingprivacy  policy  law  personalinformation 
february 2009 by pauljacobson
The Privacy Dilemma
"The more of our lives that we put online, the less privacy we have. It is as simple as that. And this is a problem that will just get worse over time. You cannot be fully engaged on social networks, blogs, YouTube, Flickr, Twitter, FriendFeed, and all the rest without opening yourself up to phishers, scammers, and identity thieves."
privacy  onlineprivacy  privacydilemma  socialmedia  web  dilemma  law  policy 
february 2009 by pauljacobson
Sixth Circuit Enforces Disclaimers in Consumer Online Clickwrap Terms of Service
A US court has upheld terms and conditions on a website as constituting "the content of the contract" between visitors to a site and the site's owner.
termsandconditions  law  sixthcircuit  6thcircuit  clickwrap  disclaimers  contract  doe 
january 2009 by pauljacobson
re NIN best selling cc-licensed music
Fred Benenson has written a great post about Ghosts I-IV's tremendous success and why it is a great example of the success Creative Commons licensed music can achieve.
nin  nineinchnails  bestselling  creativecommons  rankings  ghostsi-iv  opencontentlicense  contentlicensing  law  licenses  licensing  freelicenses 
january 2009 by pauljacobson
Argus Printing and Publishing Company Ltd. and Others v Esselen, Estate (447/92) [1993] ZASCA 205; 1994 (2) SA 1 (AD) (7 December 1993)
This is one of the foundations of South Africa's modern law of defamation and is frequently cited in textbooks and judgments handed down by superior court judges.
defamation  supremecourtofappeal  appellatedivision  southafrica  law  caselaw  casereport  argus  esselen  judge 
december 2008 by pauljacobson
Khumalo and Others v Holomisa (CCT53/01) [2002] ZACC 12; 2002 (5) SA 401; 2002 (8) BCLR 771 (14 June 2002)
This is a key Constitutional Court case dealing with defamation and the media. There are some interesting perspectives on the media's role in protecting and enhancing the right to freedom of expression.
defamation  constitutionalcourt  law  caselaw  khumalo  holomisa  media  press 
december 2008 by pauljacobson
Openlaw - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Wikipedia entry on the Berkman Center's Openlaw project
openlaw  berkmancenter  berkman  law  legal  project 
december 2008 by pauljacobson
Leadership for Lawyers
"Leadership for Lawyers is a blog focused on issues of leadership, practice management, and marketing for professional service firms."
leadership  lawyers  professionalservice  entrepreneurship  law  attorneys 
november 2008 by pauljacobson
The Ultimate Guide to Internet Law: 100 Guides and Resources | OEDb
"With the Internet being such an important part of daily life, the interest in Internet law has grown. Whether you are a lawyer, law student, an online business owner, or blogger, Internet law touches your life. The following resources can provide help and information to answer any questions you may have about Internet law."
internetlaw  cyberlaw  internet  law  education  resources  sites  websites 
november 2008 by pauljacobson
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