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Favorite: Young and Enlightened, by noberson
IFTTT  Flickr  tree  trees  forest  light  lightrays  sun  sunrays  fog  foggy  woods  cold  warm 
january 2017 by pauljacobson
Favorite: in dark sunglasses, by matthias hämmerly
IFTTT  Flickr  tavannes  train  glasses  girl  woman  cold  winter  street  candid  streetphotography  grain  contrast  switzerland  jura  black  white  ricoh  grd  snow  windows  window  shades  ring  d 
january 2017 by pauljacobson
Favorite: hazy shade of winter, by matthias hämmerly
IFTTT  Flickr  zürich  zuerich  street  streetphotography  snow  cold  winter  tram  public  transport  station  shadow  man  contrast  grain  ricoh  grd2  candid 
january 2017 by pauljacobson
Favorite: cozy times, by *Caterina Neri
IFTTT  Flickr  autumn  winter  light  stilllife  cold  home  cup  coffee  canon  50mm  reading  book  cozy  bed  moments  mood  dof  f14  atmosphere  blankets 
december 2015 by pauljacobson
Favorite: Cavern carved by the sea in an ice wall near Commonwealth Bay, 1911-1914, by State Library of New South Wales collection
IFTTT  Flickr  light  shadow  man  cold  ice  expedition  silhouette  dark  underground  person  one  bay  cool  darkness  explorer  inspired  antarctica  erosion  cave  1910s  exploration  caverns 
july 2015 by pauljacobson
Favorite: The beauty of the mountains..., by George Pancescu
IFTTT  Flickr  blue  winter  wild  sky  panorama  cliff  cloud  white  mountain  snow  mountains  cold  colors  beautiful  beauty  clouds  season  highlands  high  nikon  scenery  rocks  colorful  view 
march 2015 by pauljacobson
Favorite: About to cross the stream on the hike, approaching the blue glacier, by Stuck in Customs
IFTTT  Flickr  lighting  blue  autumn  light  wallpaper  patagonia  mountain  mountains  cold  art  texture  water  argentina  beautiful  modern  clouds  composition  reflections  painting  landscape  fu 
september 2014 by pauljacobson
Favorite: The Church in the Wilderness before an Icelandic Summer Storm, by Stuck in Customs
IFTTT  Flickr  travel  panorama  white  foothills  mountain  storm  mountains  cold  green  church  beautiful  cemetery  graveyard  weather  clouds  fence  dead  photography  death  iceland  scary  nikon 
september 2014 by pauljacobson
Favorite: Adventuring in the Valley (and a new NBC TV Interview), by Stuck in Customs
IFTTT  Flickr  travel  blue  red  wild  orange  patagonia  white  mountain  lake  snow  mountains  cold  art  me  nature  water  argentina  colors  grass  america  landscape  photography  nbc  site  cool 
september 2014 by pauljacobson
Favorite: Stopping for Lunch at the Emerald Lake in the Andes (and a new photo-sharing thing), by Stuck in Customs
IFTTT  Flickr  world  park  travel  wild  sky  terrain  patagonia  mountain  lake  snow  cold  color  reflection  tree  water  argentina  argentine  clouds  america  landscape  lunch  photography  climb 
september 2014 by pauljacobson

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